You workout at home?!? With KIDS?!?

I get asked this at least 3 times as week when I tell people that I workout at home with kids.  Most of the time their responce is something along the lines of..

“I could never do that,” or “My kids wouldn’t let me finish a routine,” or “I don’t have the motivation to do it on my own.”

I get it! I really do.

Working out at home is NOT always ideal. Ideal would be packing up and going to the gym for 2 hours. Getting in a nice relaxing weights session followed by a cardio session on the eliptical. I went to the gym for a long time, even while pregnant, you would see my 9 month belly on the treadmill or in Zumba class.

However, when the baby has extreme seperation anxiety, or her nap schedule isn’t set. When the toddler decided that she was going to regress and have 2-3 accidents again EVERYDAY.  The thought of going to the gym caused me more stress and anxiety than I would like to care to admit.  Having to get taken off the eliptical, again, because your 3 year old just peed on the slide, not one of my best moments.

Working out at home help my anxiety

My whole adult life I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. They got even worse after having children. I was now responsible for two little lives and the thought of leaving them with someone else gave me panic attacks.  After Q. was born in 2016 I suffered from post partum depression and major anxiety.  There were days I couldn’t leave my house as flashes of worst possible senerios flew through my brain.  How was I supposed to leave my babies with someone else and have an enjoyable workout?!? It just wasn’t happening.

Luckly, I had Body On Demand and knew that there were over 700+ workouts I could choose from.  I could just put Q. down for her morning nap and push play on whatever workout I wanted to complete for the day.   If Q. happens to wake up while I’m finishing up, I would find ways to entertain her so I could finish.

Entertaining Q. at 3 months old while finishing my core workout

What about R.?

R. is always a little more tricky.  She still, sometimes, takes an afternoon nap, but I like to get work done during that time.  So, how do I handle her as I’m working out?

This is the time that I allow her to watch something on her Kindle Fire. She does not get much screen time any other time of day, so this is a special thing for her. My workouts are anywhere from 22-45 minutes, so a show or part of a movie is perfect for her. I mean what kid doesn’t want a little screen time during the day?!?

Doesn’t she need things?

Of course, potty breaks are a common thing, and luckly she is old enough now to go on her own. But, for awhile I would just have to pause for 1-2 minutes so I could help her.

I have also trained her that if she is hungry during one of my workouts, she is allowed to go grab an appoved snack and I will open it for her (usually while I’m in the middle of a jumping jack or plank.)

R. doing “hip dips” while still in her PJs

I get her involved

One of the things that I promised myself early on when I had girls, was that I would teach them how to love and respect their bodies and everything they can do with them.  Part of that was learning to love and respect mine.  I need to SHOW them what these healthy habits are and how its a life long journey and not a one time fix.

Being able to workout at home allows me to not only show her that Mama is working hard and sticking with it, but I encourage her to get involved with me.  Usually it only lasts for about 5 minutes and she gets bored, but at least she is trying new ways to move her body and the benefits it can bring.

“I just can’t keep myself motivated at home”

This is a really common one that I hear when I talk to people about at home workouts.  Getting and keeping yourself motivated is HARD! I struggled with it for a LONG time until I found my challenge groups. I needed that outside accountability and motivation to get and keep myself on track and on top of my nutrition and workouts.

These challenge groups have been KEY to my success as a SAHM who workouts at home.  My groups require daily check-in, not only with what workout I did that day, but also what food I ate.

When I struggle and miss a day, I am told to get back on it and keep going.  These other mamas are relying on me to not only reach my goals, but also help with theirs. Nothing could be more motivating than that.  If you want to learn more about challenge groups, you can check out my blog post about it here.

I have my off days

Of course we all have our off days, where we don’t want to workout or eat right.  That was my case weather I was going to the gym or working out at home with my kids. There are days that I don’t want to push play and just cuddle in bed with the girls instead, but I have learned that…

Goals are Goals

If I have learned nothing else from my 65lb weight loss journey, it is that goals are goal.  If you have them and the right motivation to achieve them, nothing will stop you.

Do you think you could ever workout at home? What is the one thing stopping you from doing so?

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