Week 4 of 80 Day Obsession (End of Phase 1) Review

Holy Cow, I just finished Phase 1, Week 4 of 80 Day Obsession and I am officially OBSESSED!! Even though I had slips and trials this week, I am proud of myself for pushing through and completing phase 1.

The Timed Nutrition aspect of this program is getting easier by the day and I LOVE how much energy I have during my workouts since I’m drinking my Shakeology first thing in the morning.

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My Meal Plan for Week 4 Of 80 Day Obsession

You’ll notice with this meal plan that many of the meals are the same.  I am totally a creature of habit and don’t mind eating the same thing for many meals in a row.  Also, I discovered that week that I can eat 2 friend eggs, carrots and Ezekiel Bread for my post workout meal EVERYDAY and not get sick of it. Like I said, creature of habit.

That, and hubby likes fried eggs as well so he loves that I make him some also when I make my own, Win-Win!

Also, R. requested the Shrimp Fried “Rice” dish again this week, and who am I to say no when my 4 year old decides they like something made with Cauliflower rice?!? You can check out the recipe here.. just swap out the brown rice for cauliflower rice if you want a carb. free option.

Week 4 Meal Prep

I actually did not do any prep on Sunday before week 4 because it was the Super Bowl and we were having friends over. I had to prep and cook for the party, so by the end of the day I was spent and didn’t really feel like cooking any more.  Good thing most of the meals I had on plan for the week were made as you go type meals.

The only thing I did prep ahead of time, was the Sweet Potato and Ham Stuffed Mushrooms.  These I made on Monday and it only took about 15 minutes to put together once the sweet potatoes were cooked.  OMG you all these things are AMAZING. They are considered a Green, Red, Yellow, and Teaspoon, and I was full for the whole 3 hours between meals.  YUM!!

Sweet Potato and Ham Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Caps

The week went pretty smoothly until about Thursday, when Aunt Flow (sorry any guys reading this) decided to make a visit.  I was STARVING and decided to have a cup of the girls cereal as a little treat.  I also added in an extra string cheese because it just wasn’t enough.  I had to give myself a little grace, and even though I slipped up I know that each day is a chance to start fresh and try again.

I have also learned that just because you slip up once or twice a day doesn’t mean you need to throw off your WHOLE DAY.  After my little slip, I proceeded in having a healthy dinner and got right back on the band wagon.

Even though I wasn’t 100% on track with nutrition this week, I let it go and will not beat myself up over it. It is what it is and I can’t change that.  I can only work on it harder in phase 2.

Week 4 of 80 Day Obsession Workouts

This week we went back to the 2X 15 sets.  Meaning we had 4 rounds of 3 different moves.  We completed each move 15 times and then completed the whole round 2 times.  Sounds more complicated than it is… trust me. With that being said, I know these moves now.  I’ve been doing the same moves for 4 weeks and have got my form down.

What was great about this week, that even though we went back to the 2×15 sets, like we had in the first week, I could tell I was MUCH stronger than the first week and bumped up all of the weights I used.  BOOM!!

The one struggle I had was during Leg Day.  I started lifting HEAVY, like 25 lbs for most of the moves heavy.  By the second round my forearms were spent.  I had a hard time just holding the dumbbells for the moves.  Luckily, so did Autumn in the videos and she was showing how to keep doing the moves while modifying the grip.

My forearms on FIRE after Leg Day

The rest of the workouts went pretty smoothly.  I am feeling stronger in Cardio Flow, which is a tough one because she moves so fast.  However, I kept up with Autumn and the cast the whole workout and finished it in less time than in week 1. So, even small improvements are IMPROVEMENTS!!

Results for Week 4 Of 80 Day Obsession

The scale is LIAR you all!! I stepped on the scale on Sunday and it read 141.2.  This was the same weight that I was at the beginning of this journey 30 days ago.  However, I knew that I was feeling and seeing changes, so I took my measurements again.

I’m down 6 INCHES from all over my body.  That means that I have replaced all the fat I have lost with muscle.  And you know what?!? Muscle weights more than fat, so I have lost fat and gained muscle.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel defeated when I stepped on the scale and didn’t see the number go down, but I’m holding out for phase 2 when lots of coaches from the original test group saw significant weight loss.

Check out those back muscles and how my hips and booty look smaller and more defined!!
My arms are looking smaller as well as a more rounded BOOTY!!
My abs are more defined and my belly is smaller

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4 thoughts on “Week 4 of 80 Day Obsession (End of Phase 1) Review”

  1. I had the same letdown when I got on the scale at the end of phase 1. No weight lost but I feel so much stronger and my hubby has noticed the changes in my lower half 😉 I’m hoping to lose a chunk of belly fat in phase 2!

    1. We all lose weight differently.. and as long as you are losing inches that’s what really matters. Because that means you are just replacing fat with muscles. Keep us posted as you keep going through the program!!

  2. Ho, im in week e phase 1 and im loving this program! When it came out last year i was abit worried about it. It seemed very strict, it was daunting. But the day before new years eve i was like yoy know what, start the year as u mean to go on. So i stRted new years eve. So many temptations but my mind and will are stronger. So far lol. Saw the nsew year in sober, made my sons birthday cake, didnt lick one spoon. That was hard. So farnim down 7lbs down from 181 though. So i needed this. Im on the vegan diet. Started going veggie at the end of last year so decided ti try this vegan. Doubly hard!! But the changei see in just 3 weeks has been amazing. I also had my monthly and usually i crave chocolate, bad cramps, and generally depressed. And althiugh it had been harder the last few days with motivation ive done jt so far. Cant wait to start phaze 2 and have refuel day haha

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