Transform:20 Test Group Results |

Transform:20 Test Group Results

Stronger, leaner, and faster in just 20 minutes a day.  That is what Shaun T’s newest program Transform:20 promises and these Test Group Results looks like it delivers.

What we know about Transform:20 so far

Transform: 20 has been in the works for over 2 years!

  • 6 days a week
  • 6 weeks long
  • New workout each day
  • Uses a step (can be bought with it or on its own)
  • Routines designed to help you scorch fat, tone your abs, legs, upper body, and glutes
  • Weekly Motivations From Shaun T and challenges built into each workout.
  • Modifier option will be available

Before and After Transform:20 Test Group Results

When Is It Available?

  • Pre-Order is Available NOW!!
  • VIP Early Access: January 2019 to Stream
  • Every Beachbody On Demand member: April 2019

Ready to Get Your Early Access to Transform: 20?

There are a few options depending on if you have or don’t have BOD.

If you’d like me to be your coach, make sure it says Mara Moreland is your coach –

 if not my Coach ID is 1095778.

Challenge Packs If You Don’t Have BOD

  • Best Deal: BOD w/ Transform: 20 + Shakeology + All Workout Supplements + Equipment 
  • Beachbody on Demand w/ Transform:20  + Shakeology + Pre & Post Workout Supplements- Includes Step
  • Beachbody On Demand w/ Transform:20 Shakeology Challenge Pack- Includes Step
  • Beachbody on Demand w/ Transform:20  + Pre & Post Workout Supplements-  Includes Step

Completion Packs If You Already Have BOD

  • Best Deal: Transform:20 + Shakeology + 4 Workout Supplements + Equipment
  • Trandform:20 + Shakeology + Pre & Post Workout Supplements
  • Transform:20 + Shakeology
  • Transform:20 + Pre & Post Workout Supplements

**If you would like any of these options but without the step- please email and I will set up a Cart for you!**

Other Options If You Already Have BOD

  • Transform:20 + Equipment Only
  • Transform:20 Digital Only

Learn More About Transform:20 or Check Out Ordering Options

Transform: 20 Exclusive Group With Shaun T

Right now, I know that Early Access will start in December, and the official Exclusive Coach Transform: 20 Challenge Group with Shaun T will start 1/14/19.

In order to join the Exclusive Coach Test Group with Shaun T, you’ll need to be a coach and order Transform: 20 beforehand.