What is the 21 Day Fix?

21 Day Fix is a workout and nutrition program that focuses on portion control and 30-minute workouts.  The moves are simple and easy to follow, and the portion control containers mean counting calories is a thing of the past.

Overview of 21 Day Fix:

  • 30 minute workouts
  • 7 workout days (1 day is an active recovery day)
  • Good veriety of workouts
  • Simple nutrition and portion control containers
  • You even get TREATS!

Workout Section

The Workouts: All only 30 Minutes

  1. Upper Fix. Targeted resistance training helps shape your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and abs.
  2. Lower Fix. Firm and tone your entire lower body while you blast fat and burn calories.
  3. Total Body Cardio Fix. Keep your heart rate up and your metabolism revved high long after the workout is over.
  4. Cardio Fix. Get your heart pumping and your body moving as you melt away the pounds.
  5. Pilates Fix. Strengthen your core, elongate your muscles, and firm your hips and thighs.
  6. Yoga Fix. Improve your balance, flexibility, and strength as you help relax your muscles.
  7. Dirty 30 Fix: 4 rounds of fat-burning exercises help carve out a leaner, stronger physique.

Workout Calendar

You are working out 7 days a week, but one day, the yoga fix, is your ative recovery day.  With the Yoga Fix,  you are stretching and moving, but it isn’t as intense as some of the other workouts.

During the last 7 days of the program, you also get the option to double up your workouts if you feel strong enough.  I loved this option because I felt like I was able to give it that last little push that my body needed towards the end of the program.

Is there a Modifier?

Yes, There is a modifier in every workout. Kat, the modifier (in blue in the picutre above) is great about showing proper form, and the midiciations she does are clearly explained in every workout.  She looks like a normal person working out which mpotivated me to keep going.  Ifshe can do it so can I. I also followed her a lot when I was pregnant and needed lower impact moves that wouldn’t impact Q.

Men can complete this program too

There is at least one guy in every workout sweating and working hard.  There are no silly or “girly” moves or songs during the workouts.  Men would follow the same portion control containers and meal plans based of their specific goals.  Men might just need to increase their dumbells to feel challenged enough.

Equipment Needed

  • A set of dumbells- I started with 5lbs and by the end, I was using 15lbs for some of the moves.
  • Yoga Mat (optional)

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Nutrition Section

The eating plan is based on portioning your macronutrients. Autumn Calabrese started as a fitness competitor and new mom and used this plan to help get and stay in shape.

She knew tracking macronutrients and weighing everything takes a lot of time, knowledge, and effort so she came up with the portion control containers to make it super simple.

Depending on your goals and your current weight, you will be told exactly how many containers you get to eat per day. All you have to do is trust the meal plan for 3 weeks and use your 21 day fix containers and you will be learning and eating like a fitness competitor and nutrition expert.

Start by Figuring Out your Plan

Using the chart above, you want to figure out what your calorie target is for your body.  Everyone starts in a different spot and there for needs a different amount of calries and macronutrients to maintain or lose weight in a healthy and safe way.  Once you calculate your calorie target you use the chart below to learn how many of each container you get to eat each day.

The Portion Control Containers

Once you figure out how many of each container you are allowed each day you can fill them (I usually stuff them full) making sure you can still get the top on when you are done.

I love that with this program you don’t have to count or calculate calories.  If it fits in your container you get to eat it! You will actually be surprised with just how much food you get to eat every day with each of these containers.  It’s also very important to make sure you always get in every container.  There were days that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to eat all the food that is allowed.

The containers are BPA- Free, microwave and dishwasher safe. I honestly never felt deprived while strickly following the program.

  • Green= Vegetables
  • Purple= Fruit
  • Red= Protein
  • Yellow= Starches and Treats
  • Blue= Healthy Fats (cheese, nuts, avocado, etc)
  • Orange= Oils and Seeds (salad dressing, chia seeds, etc)
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup—Drinks

Food List: Updated in April 2017

What is really nice about this nutritional system is that there are no foods that are off limits.  You aren’t going to be eating fast food, or processed foods, but you are still allowed bread, pasta, oatmeal, and more.

You also have a lot of flexibility to choose what you eat.  Have allergies or don’t like a certain food? Don’t Eat It!  Just choose something else from the list that you do like.

I also was able to customize the list for nursing Q.  I would make sure that I ate oatmeal, or flax seed daily because those are knows to help milk supply.

 Shakeology Counts as a Protein

In my opinion, Shakeology is a great way to get in a healthy protein each day along with essential vitamins, nutrients, and power foods.

Since I started adding shakeology to my daily meal plans my energy levels have gones up, my sweets cravings have been reduced, and my results have improved.  You can read my full review of Shakeology here. 

Need Shakeology Recipes? Click Here

You Even Get TREATS!!

For every 2 yellow (starch) containers you don’t eat, you get a treat.  However, you don’t want to go above 3 treats a week.  The treat should be around the 100-250 calorie range. My favorite is a glass of wine, Halo ice cream, or a twix bar.

I’m sure 3 glasses of wine might not be enough for some of us mamas, but remember pizza is on the plan also, so it is all about moderation.

Finding Recipes

Since this program has been around for quite awhile there are many different places to find wonderful recipes that all have the portion container counts included.

  • Checking out the Dinner Recipe section of my page- I have all fix approved recipes.
  • Fixate the Show on Body on Demand- a cooking show where Autumn and her brother, Bobby (a professional chef) show you lots of dinner fix approved recipes.
  • Pinterest– If you just type in 21 Day Fix recipes on pinterest you will never go hungry.
  • Fixate Cookbook– Autumn wrote this cookbook with her 21 day fix containers in mind.  Buy it Here
  • Ask me- As your coach, I can help you figure out container counts for a specific recipe or guide you towards some of my favorite ones.

Who is Autumn Calabrese?

Autumn Calabrese is a celebrity fitness trainer and national-level bikini competitor. A rising star in the fitness community, she’s made a name for herself by helping people lose weight and get fit through simple portion control and consistent exercise.

Autumn holds personal training certificates from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA). Her supportive, motivating style has made her a highly sought-after expert among celebrities and the fitness industry.

Building on a foundation of good food choices and exercise habits, Autumn empowers her clients to reach their goals in a healthy, sustainable way. In addition to her celebrity clientele, Autumn is the fitness specialist for ModernMom.com. Her workouts have been featured in C magazine, LA Parent, The Palisadian-Post, and Daily Candy, and on TV shows like Home & Family. With a passionate, entrepreneurial spirit, Autumn is the perfect addition to the Beachbody family of trainers

My Story:

I started doing 21 Day fix when I was pregnant with Q.  I knew lifting weights and working out would help me not only feel better but make delivery easier.  Which I believe it did.  I was stronger and kept my abs tighter so it was easier to push when the time came.

However, after having Q. I had about 50+ pounds to lose.  I had learned proper nutrition and portion sizing through this program while pregnant so once I could really workout I saw the weight start to fall off.  I went up a bracket and really tracked my water since I was nursing and wanted to make sure I kept my supply up.  I also made sure that I ate nursing friendly foods like oatmeal, flax seed meal, and greek yogurt.

My Results

I decided to do one round of the program (21 days) and these were my results.

I had lost 8 pounds and 10 inches from all over my body. I felt like I had more energy, even though Q. was still getting up to nurse multiple times a night.  I only completed one round of 21 Day Fix because I felt like I wanted to build more muscles, but I loved my results from this program

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Used together, this three-way nutritional and fitness powerhouse will put you on the fast track to losing up to 15 pounds in 21 days—and help you complete your incredible transformation!

Your Kickstarter Challenge Pack Includes…

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  • Simple Eating guide
  • Quick Start Guide
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  • Shaker Cup
  • 24/7 On-Line Support
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The 3-Day Refresh Kit includes:

  • 6 packets of Vanilla Fresh– Curb hunger with a protein-rich shake that contains more than 20 grams of plant-based protein, plus 22 vitamins, minerals, and probiotics and a patented potato protein extract clinically tested to satisfy your appetite.
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  • Program Guide– This comprehensive guide walks you through how the program works and how to prepare your shopping list.

I’ll leave you with a little Ryan Gosling.. because who doesn’t want to workout with him!?!