Morning Meltdown 100 - Before and After Results |

Morning Meltdown 100 – Before and After Results

As promised, I share my fresh impressions of the MM 100 workouts. I recorded them immediately after the exercises.

The description of each program step

  1. Cardio Meltdown
    Start MM 100 with the beautiful Jericho. And I really like it. Today I did cardio, not difficult, but wet. I wanted to do a second workout right away, but time didn’t allow it.
  2. Upbeat Strength
    No one has ever inspired me as much as Jericho. I am happy to go to training, but not as usual. And it always ends abruptly, when you want more continuation. Today I did not deny myself and after training on the schedule repeated yesterday’s cardio. It wasn’t too difficult. I did not understand only how and why you can use 3 options of dumbbells there. I did everything with a weight of 3.5 kg. for some exercises, of course, I wanted to take more, but since they go in conjunction with others, this is not always possible. But it became clear that my
    dumbbells are not enough for me anymore. We found a set of 20 kg in Decathlon. We’ll go shopping this week. This set will last me for a long time now. It is unlikely that I will pull more than 10 kg. And it is not a fact that I will reach such figures.
  3. Core Inferno
    Jericho is incredibly good in her snake leggings. She has the best figure of all the girl coaches. Just perfect.
    But the training was weak. She promised that by the end of the press will burn, and I have just warmed up, as already started stretching. However, after Tammy Tuck, it’s not surprising for Leo. I hope that the next training sessions on KOR will be more difficult.
    I used a 3.5 kg dumbbell.
  4. Total Body Badass
    Realizing that the previous training is not enough for me, I decided to immediately do the next one. And that’s when it hit me. So far, this is the most difficult training course. At one point, I couldn’t even hold a 2kg dumbbell anymore.
    There is such an exercise with squats in a lunge, when a light dumbbell just needs to be held at arm’s length for a long time. I had enough for the first two blocks of squats, the third both times I did without a dumbbell.
    And here I sometimes have to wait when there will come a respite. And Jericho just mocks, says that he remembers the promised break, and it will be: soon,soon, literally now, a little more… In General, this break was really long-awaited.
    And at the end of the workout, Jericho offers a series of jumps in the bar. First on one leg, then “”with a splay” ” (I don’t know how to say it better and clearer) legs. And that finished me off. I was wet as a mouse and happy as a first-grader with a top five.
  5. Freestyle Flow
    Most of all, I liked the balance exercises. Too bad there weren’t enough of them. But just a good stretch is always nice.
  6. Lit Cardio
    Solid plyometrics: various jumps standing and in the bar. Training is short, but if you jump high and far, you can plow. That’s what I did.
  7. Downbeat Strength
    Great workout for the butt. The work of the muscles is felt all the time. I took the heaviest dumbbells yet available, 4.5 kg, but they were clearly not enough. Next time I will try to use 5 and 7 kg.
  8. Fight Club
    When viewing this workout, it seemed like a light morning exercise. But I was pleasantly mistaken. In the first part, you can feel the work of the bark, and in the second, the legs work hard. Direct came unexpectedly was a workout.
    At the end, there are a few abs exercises even. Not complex and short.”
  9. Meltcon
    At the moment, this is the most difficult training course. And all because it consists of two blocks, in each of which 10 exercises have to be performed without interruption. Only between blocks there are two minutes to rest.
    And this was the first time that a large Arsenal of dumbbells would really be in demand. Unfortunately, the delivery of Decathlon leaves much to be desired, so I still only have two sets. All the exercises I did with the maximum available weights, 4.5 kg. But on deadlift, they were frankly not enough. There you want to take 7-8 kg, of course.
    And on lunges with a dilution of the hands, I had to use dumbbells of 2 kg. They were also not enough, they were almost not felt in my hands, but I do not have treshek, and I could not lift 4.5 kg.
    In the end, I had to do my own stretching for my hands, because they load fairly well, and for some reason Jericho does not offer to stretch them after.
  10. Re-Vibe
    The lesson is short, but the legs stretched well.
  11. Cardio Meltdown
    Repeat the previous one + 100 seconds at the end of one exercise at a fast pace. It turned out to be a skater, which I’ve always found easy and have liked since the days of Gillan Michaels.
    And how convenient it is to work with a DJ. You can not look at the screen at all, trying to figure out whether you are keeping up with the team. Music sets the rhythm.
  12. Upbeat Strength
    It’s still unclear with dumbbells. For one exercise I can use light, for the second – heavy. But they are combined in one set, there is no possibility to change the dumbbells. And it’s a shame.
  13. Core Inferno
    Again, the same simple training, but at the end added 100 seconds of exercises in the bar. I think it would be more difficult to just stand in the bar statically.
    Used weights of 4 and 6 kg.
  14. Total Body Badass
    Not an easy exercise. Especially hard is the last block, where the outstretched hand with dumbbells must be kept stationary all the time of the exercise. At the end, my hands started to burn and tremble. I even lowered them for a moment, but I didn’t throw away the dumbbells, and this time I held on until the end.
    The last 100 seconds are very wet: you have to jump out of the bar high, hitting your feet on the ass. I took 2 and 3.5 kg dumbbells.”
  15. Freestyle Flow
    Absolute repetition of the previous one and 100 seconds of shavanasana at the end. They are not easy, of course. Not all newcomers can handle them, but children and husbands can always help.
  16. Lit Cardio
    There are two “bolt”exercises in this cardio. One is performed in the bar, the second standing. The last time I was with them was not very clear. But it turned out that on the website Beachbody there is a detailed explanation of how to comply with them. I looked at it, repeated it, and understood everything. This time I handled them easily. Not in the sense that it was easy, but in the sense that I did it without thinking.
    The last 100 seconds have been hard, because there are light jumps alternating with lunges, which I hate.
  17. Downbeat Strength
    I finally have new dumbbells. I took 4.5 kg for the first set and 6 kg for the second. In General, the training is quite simple. But the last 100 seconds are not easy: static and pulsation in the squat and especially in the lunges – something I don’t like.
  18. Fight Club
    As far as I remember, there is nothing different from the previous training. Capoeira is still the only really difficult exercise. But in all others, you can work out the press well, if you are not lazy to strain it (remembering the eternal Shona Keep your core!) and feel how it works. The last 100 seconds are a light, pleasant stretch exercise.
  19. Meltcon
    Last time, this training seemed very difficult. Today I took more weight (4.5 and 6 kg), but it was easier to do it. 100 minutes at the end-burpees, push-UPS on dumbbells, etc. The case when there are not enough dumbbells-hexagons, because it is inconvenient to do push-UPS on round ones, you also have to balance.
  20. Re-Vibe
    Just like last time. Mostly stretching for the legs. At the end of 100 seconds, I didn’t write or draw, just turned off the TV and went to the shower.
  21. Cardio Meltdown
    The second phase has begun. There are new exercises, there are modified old ones. The training is quite easy. First comes the first block, then a minute of Meltdown – a simple and interesting exercise, and then the second block, just for 6 minutes. Exercises change very quickly, so it is easy to perform them, there is no time to get tired.
  22. Upbeat Strength
    Very easy training. Something too easy for the second phase. Dumbbell I took 4 kg. There are exercises that will take longer because of the pace or drop out, or perform the technique to follow can not. And with this weight, it is impossible to plow at all. Not even the smallest drop of sweat broke out anywhere.
  23. Core Inferno
    I was pleased with the push-UPS in the warm-up. Jericho doesn’t use them. And not that I like push-UPS, but once I’ve learned, I want to maintain the skill after all. Then the following simple exercise. If it were not for the side bars at the end, there would be a children’s training session at all.
    I took a dumbbell 4 kg And in the bar instead of a dumbbell moved on the Mat medball 6 kg
  24. Total Body Badass
    Here, Jericho just lit up. Sometimes I took 4 kg dumbbells, but most of the time I used 2 kg. and the handles were shaking. And if there were a number of my semi-trucks, I would definitely switch to them. And the last exercise on the press pleased. For the first time in the entire course, he was on fire and begging for mercy.
  25. Freestyle Flow
    A lot of good stretching and very few balance exercises that I like so much. But in General, the training is very pleasant.
  26. Lit Cardio
    Lit Cardio and in the first phase was harder than Cardio Meltdown, but today Jericho gave fire! I just felt that this is the second phase, and life will not be easy. In meltown minute, it is suggested to perform burpees with a high bounce and with a bolt. But neither is easy. At one point there, even the camera caught one of her athletes wiping the sweat on the floor under her with a towel to continue practicing in a non-slippery puddle.
    I was so exhausted that I even took a short 10-minute break before starting my next workout.
  27. Downbeat Strength
    Again, it wasn’t easy. Again, a large set of dumbbells was needed. Fortunately, in two sets only one is needed, so we managed to distribute the weight as follows: 6 kg for the first exercise, 3.5 kg for the second and 8 kg for the third. In the second set, you can feel the work of the press.
  28. Fight Club
    At the end of the training session, there was a simple set on the press, which nevertheless made him work hard. And that’s the only thing I liked. I didn’t like the training itself. I was even glad that I didn’t have to repeat it for the second time. There were a few exercises that you couldn’t do offhand without first learning them. And time to study is not given, so I performed them somehow clueless. . However, I have today some such day when nothing pleases. Maybe I’ll change my mind next week. We’ll see.
  29. Meltcon
    I took dumbbells 4 kg, 4.5 kg (1 PC) and 8 (1 PC) time I will do 5.5 kg. not a Bad workout in General. But it seemed to me that it is easier than the eponymous one in the first phase.
  30. Re-Vibe
    I had a very short stretch today. I was just warming up and getting ready to stretch, and then the movie was over.
  31. Cardio Meltdown
    All the same and plus 100 seconds at the end of a simple exercise.
  32. Upbeat Strength
    I took dumbbells of 4 and 5,5 kg. (And 2 kg for warm-up, but there you need to use the lungs. Warm-up after all). And most of all, my fingers are tired and sore. All sorts of biceps-triceps and other muscles I trained already, but the fingers were not ready for such a load.
    Otherwise, everything is as before: two blocks of three sets of simple exercises. At the end of 100 seconds of push-UPS from dumbbells and their alternate lifting. That was hard and interesting.
  33. Core Inferno
    This training was and remains the easiest in the course. Even the last hundred seconds are 4 different exercises that were already in training. In General, you will not get tired.
  34. Total Body Badass
    I took dumbbells for 2, 4 and one 5.5 kg. I liked the Training again. Exercises with dumbbells 2 kg performed right at the limit of capabilities. 100 seconds at the end-flying jumps in different directions.
  35. Freestyle Flow
    I was finally convinced that I like freestyle more than Re-vibe. The final 100 seconds of Savasana.
  36. Lit Cardio
    Killer cardio with a towel push-up as a result. At the end of 100 seconds of plank exercises.
  37. Downbeat Strength
    I used the same weights: 6 kg for the first set, 3.5 kg for the second and 8 kg for the third. But for 100 seconds at the end, Jericho chose the most difficult set – the second. I wanted to kill her for it. As a result, I passed this challenge, but using a 2 kg dumbbell.
  38. Fight Club
    Still not my favorite workout. But there were a couple of good abs exercises. At the end-100 seconds of attacks back. It’s not easy to do them at a fast pace.
  39. Meltcon
    As before, two blocks of 10 minutes each. 10 minutes of exercises in each block, which are a collection of Solyanka from what was performed in this phase. Not difficult. It seems that the first phase was harder. The last 100 seconds are an explosive multi-part exercise with burpees, push-UPS, and so on.
  40. Re-Vibe
    Just like last time. And traditionally, at the end of the phase, 100 seconds are offered to record your thoughts. I don’t do that. The only thing I do with my pen is cross out the next number in the hundred-day calendar.
  41. Cardio Meltdown
    The structure remains the same: two blocks of 6 exercises, but in the second they are half the time. Between them-a minute of Meltdown. The exercises became more difficult, the 3rd phase seemed more difficult than the second. In the end, I even fell behind the group a little.
    And yet Jericho loves those bolts. No cardio is complete without them.
  42. Upbeat Strength
    On warm-up took dumbbells on 2 kg, on the first exercise-4,5 kg, on the second-2 kg and on the third-4 kg. in the next I will take 4 and 3,5 respectively. It is a rare case when everyone liked the exercises.
  43. Core Inferno
    The second phase periodically seemed easier to me than the first. And here it seems that Jericho came to her senses and began to burn! The third phase doesn’t seem easy.
    During this training, I rested in the first two phases. I was counting on it today, but it didn’t work out. I took a dumbbell 4.5 kg and a medball 6 kg. Medball is not required, they use a dumbbell, it’s just more convenient for me with it.
  44. Total Body Badass
    Dumbbells 2 kg, 3.5 kg and 8 kg. the exercises are difficult, but as usual, if performed in full force. I even managed to put weights on my feet before the penultimate block. And the last one finished me off. Perhaps, today was the hardest day of MM 100 for me at the moment.
  45. Freestyle Flow
    Something in this phase of freestyle is more like Re-vibe. I used to love him very much, but I didn’t like him very much here. Balance exercises are weird.
  46. Lit Cardio
    Here it is, of course, Varela! Solid plyometrics and planks. Lots and lots of slats. All exercises last for 45 seconds, every 15 – acceleration. It was hot.
  47. Downbeat Strength
    I used dumbbells of 6 kg. it Was so easy that it was even boring. I wanted to repeat the training again. But as luck would have it, today is so time-consuming that even the second training session had to be canceled.
  48. Fight Club
    A completely stupid workout consisting of a wild set of ridiculous exercises. They should be properly taught before training, otherwise it turns out inarticulate and non-technical.
  49. Meltcon
    I had to puff, but the training didn’t seem difficult. Weights were taken at 2, 6 and 4.5 kg.
  50. Re-Vibe
    I liked it very much! A pleasant and relaxing workout. In the past two phases, I liked freestyle more than Re-vibe, but here the opposite is true. It was this workout that I liked to do barefoot.
  51. Cardio Meltdown
    How I love this workout, even though it is cardio. I was afraid that for the last 100 seconds again offer bolts in the bar to perform, but passed. There were skaters again.
  52. Upbeat Strength
    100 seconds of challenge-repeat the second exercise. It went well.
  53. Core Inferno
    After reading the notes about the previous training session, I set myself up for hard work. Perhaps that’s why the training didn’t seem so difficult this time. Although the minute meltdown is still not easy. But there successfully selected wind-up music helps to hold on and sets the pace.
  54. Total Body Badass
    But this lesson was given to all as well hard. Very hardly. The last 100 seconds and completely finished: you need to jump into the burpee, in the plank to hit your heels on the buttocks, make two bolts, jump out of the plank high, again getting the heels of the buttocks, and then fall from the jump to a squat, reaching the floor with your hand. In General, this is too hard, the last 40 seconds I was a limp rag and something there fluttered, not even trying to keep up with the group.
  55. Freestyle Flow
    I like this schedule with stretches on Sundays. Today I enjoyed a workout that I didn’t like last time.
  56. Lit Cardio
    All the same numerous burpees and jumps, plus at the end of 100 seconds burpee + bolt from the standing position. I almost died in those seconds.
  57. Downbeat Strength
    Weight took 6 and 8 kg. But still the training was quite simple. Although the last 100 seconds of lunges and squats with 12 kg in total went well so far.
  58. Fight Club
    All the same. At the end of 100 seconds, burpee and what I call “pile driving”. It’s not complicated.
  59. Meltcon
    I love Meltcon for its intensity. This training is not very difficult, but it is not easy. 100 seconds at the end may seem too heavy, and Vice versa, it all depends on what weight dumbbells to take.
  60. Re-Vibe
    For some reason, there were no 100 seconds at the end. Or I didn’t wait for them.
  61. Cardio Meltdown
    Lively and wet. And how she chatted with her bolts! All double exercises at the end are performed 4 times, and only bolts-8 times!
  62. Upbeat Strength
    It was hardly to be expected that phase 4 would be simple. Do you miss the push-UPS? Hold it, please! There will be enough of them here in different variations. Weight 4.5 kg were taken.
  63. Core Inferno
    In the last phase, this training was harder, I think. But even here everything is not easy. Especially the meltdown minute. Weight took 2, 4.5 and 8 kg.
  64. Total Body Badass
    The fourth phase is not a joke. After yesterday’s training, I woke up with pain all over my upper half. And it seems that tomorrow the pain will be more. Whether I am not in shape today, or the training is really difficult, but it was very difficult for me. In the last exercise with a dumbbell on the press, I even gave up a second before the team. My abs ached so much that I couldn’t stand it anymore.
    And for the first time in the entire course, I take a short 10-minute rest between training sessions. Now I’ll catch my breath and go try to do cardio. Although I really want to give up and replace it with freestyle.
  65. Freestyle Flow
    Although this is a relaxing workout, there are a couple of moments when you will have to strain. I really liked the balance exercises.
  66. Lit Cardio
    Mentally, I was ready to give up if I didn’t go, but I did it. I was saved by the fact that Lit cardio in the 4th phase is easier than in the 3rd. After a minute of meltdown, I realized that I could handle it. Even in full force, the entire training was performed. But I ended up saying, ” Oh, my God, I did it!
  67. Downbeat Strength
    Very cool training, well-chosen exercises. The butt and thighs are in constant tension, the muscles are burning. Here in each exercise, one dumbbell is used, I took 8 and 8.5 kg. But next time I will lift the heavier one to 10 kg.
  68. Fight Club
    I don’t traditionally like this workout, although it is better than the one in the third phase. And yet there are a couple of exercises consisting of long bundles that need to be learned separately. I perform them without pleasure and get confused in my movements. But I liked the exercises on the Mat, the press worked well. And the last exercise with push-UPS pulled out of me all the remaining strength, very shock came out of the end of the training.
  69. Meltcon
    Fire training! Here and push-UPS are, and heavy weights will have to be dragged. And on the last side bars, I began to perform lifts at all, like a modifier. I didn’t have enough strength for a strong ending. I used dumbbells of 2 kg, 4 kg, 8 and 9,5 kg. Dumbbells of 4 kg were clearly not enough, 6 will be a lot, and 5 I can not collect. So I don’t know what I’ll do next. Perhaps I will decide to take 6 kg to try. Although I haven’t used such weights for my hands yet.
  70. Re-Vibe
    Almost nothing new, but the stretch is good.
  71. Cardio Meltdown
    Given that the meltdown minute wasn’t the easiest exercise, and the fact that the final hundred seconds were the hardest in the third phase, I was prepared for the worst. But this time Jericho spared us. The last 100 seconds pass quite easily.
  72. Upbeat Strength
    All the same as last time, but for the last 100 seconds I took 4 kg dumbbells.
    I was surprised by something else in this training session. This is the 72nd training session out of a hundred. That is, the case is coming to an end, and for the purposes of advertising, they had to make sure that their fat women lost weight. But here they did exactly the opposite. Their fattest fat girl was dressed in pink leggings. Pink leggings on a fat ass!!! This not only looks disgusting and highlights all the irregularities of the cellulite folds, but also adds a few kg. I Don’t know why they don’t like it so much, but next time I’m waiting for a leopard.
  73. Core Inferno
    It was the most freebie 100 seconds in history. Just for 20 seconds it was necessary to perform 5 different exercises from this training. On the buttock bridge took 10.5 kg.
  74. Total Body Badass
    Once again, I was convinced that the complexity of training depends not only on the training itself, but also on how you feel. Last time I was too heavy, but today only the last hundred seconds of attacks were not easy for me.
  75. Freestyle Flow
    After a week in bed, this kind of warm-up is just what you need. Good and calm preparation for the resumption of training. And I really liked that Jericho didn’t tell me that stretching is all fun and relaxation. And honestly admitted that in this position and she is uncomfortable, she does not enjoy and rest, and sweats.
  76. Lit Cardio
    I mastered the training, but it was very difficult for me. The last 100 seconds were not too difficult, but I barely pulled them off. I decided not to do the second training session today. I will do one at a time until I understand that the body has finally recovered from the disease.
  77. Downbeat Strength
    I took a dumbbell 7.5 and 9.5 kg. my Butt was shaking all the way. The last 100 seconds-pulsation of the bent and raised leg in the table position. It was a good finish.
  78. Fight Club
    The next time I’m going to pass the MM100, I’ll make a different schedule. And there will be no fight club in it at all. I didn’t like it before, but now it’s even annoying. There is one set in this training, consisting of a bunch of different bundles, which in order to perform correctly, without getting confused, you need to rehearse for a long time. As a result, they jump together, and I’m ridiculously twitching. I was angry while I was making it. But when she offered it for the final 100 seconds, I swore. And while they were all kicking around, I was just making lunges, and they would be more useful.
  79. Meltcon
    Left on hands weight on 4 kg, in the process regretted, that not increased, but was already late. The training is good, the last 100 seconds are very percussive.
  80. Re-Vibe
    A week-long break in training took a horrible delayed onset muscle soreness, so the stretching was very helpful. Although it was sometimes painful to perform it.
  81. Cardio Meltdown
    All the exercises are familiar from previous sessions. The training is simple.
  82. Upbeat Strength
    I used dumbbells of 4.5 kg. in the last set, it was heavy on the biceps, but the rest of the training is quite easy.
  83. Core Inferno
    Here you need a whole Arsenal of weights: 2, 4.5 and 8 kg. but again nothing complicated except a minute of meltdown. She made me groan.
  84. Total Body Badass
    Very unusual exercises she offers here. I used 2kg dumbbells, and it was at the limit of my ability. Next time I’m thinking of taking 1.5. There, even its athletes use super-light weights, but they often fail and fall.
  85. Freestyle Flow
    First, nice energetic exercises, then balance and stretching. But you will have to try to do everything. There are difficult links.
  86. Lit Cardio
    The beginning of the fifth phase seemed quite simple to me, but today it was not easy. When the hateful bolts in the plank had to jump a second time, I was no longer jumping fervently, but pitifully hopping. In the minute of meltdown, she offers to perform 2 exercises on the principle of a pyramid: first one time, then two, three, and so the end, she said that all those who did ten were great. I just barely got started.
  87. Downbeat Strength
    My huge mistake was that I swung at too many weights. For the first round, I took dumbbells of 6 kg and one for 8.5 kg.and there is a lot of work not only the legs, but also the hands. In General, almost died. On the second round, I changed the weight to 4 and 6 kg, and this was perfect, I felt how and what muscles work, and not just died under the unbearable weight.
  88. Fight Club
    I don’t usually like this workout, but I was pretty good today. There were no very confusing exercises that you can’t understand and remember. KOR did a good job.
  89. Meltcon
    Inflammatory and diaphoretic. It seemed that in previous phases Meltcon was mainly aimed at the butt and legs, but this time more hands and shoulders worked. I used 2, 4, 4.5 and 8 kg dumbbells.
  90. Re-Vibe
    Stretching with elements of acrobatic tricks.
  91. Cardio Meltdown
    She jumped away quickly. the last 100 seconds are not difficult, although there is even a burpee there.
  92. Upbeat Strength
    The whole workout is easy enough, but the last 100 seconds are something. All 100 seconds will have to do push-UPS! I hoped to the last that she was joking. But no. The first 40 seconds lasted on my toes, then continued on my knees. And it’s good that I didn’t become a hero, because the last 15 seconds even on my knees seemed like hell. My hands were shaking and burning.
  93. Core Inferno
    The training itself is not difficult, but the last 100 seconds it offers just to stand in the bar on your elbows. I didn’t think it would be so difficult. For the last 15 seconds, I was shaking all over. Although it would seem that 1.5 minutes is all. But after the cor exercises, the plank is not given so easily.
  94. Total Body Badass
    In this phase, where the training was simple, the last 100 seconds were difficult. I was hoping that after a hard workout, she would offer something simple, and so it happened. In the last 100 seconds, she offers to repeat all the jumping exercises that were in the training. And any, even the most complex exercises are easier to perform when they are different than doing the same thing for 100 seconds.
  95. Freestyle Flow
    I like freestyle in this phase more than revibe. For the last 100 seconds, she suggests that you close your eyes and sit or lie in a comfortable position while she talks about how well done everyone is, because they have already reached the finish line.
  96. Lit Cardio
    I was not mistaken in my assumptions. If the training is not easy, then the last 100 seconds are not terrible. here they were hardly more difficult than warm-UPS.
  97. Downbeat Strength
    In the last 100 seconds, we expect sumo squats unexpectedly. You should stock up on a heavier dumbbell. I had only 6 kg at hand, so I took it. In the main training I used 4 and 5.5 kg.
  98. Fight Club
    Almost dance training. And the last 100 seconds are generally fun skips. I liked them very much.
  99. Meltcon
    She constantly repeats that this is the 99th training session – it will not be easy. But the training is not really difficult. But after it, according to tradition, 100 percussive seconds and the already familiar exercise with lifting dumbbells, burpee jumps and push-UPS with them.
  100. MeltMix
    The longest workout, the duration is equal to two regular ones. Therefore, those who did one a day will have a hard time. As the name suggests, this workout is a mix of all 10 that are in the course. They follow in order, but in an abbreviated version. For example, in cardio and meltcon, there were three sets each, and in APE and down, there was only one set each.

I had dumbbells of 2, 4 and 7.5 kg.
In the last 100 seconds, everyone was writing down their impressions in little books, and I listened to Jericho and wished it had ended so quickly.