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A Little Obsessed (Week 1) Review

Autumn Calabrese released her 5 Day program called A Little Obsessed to help coaches and customers to get prepared for her new program 80 Day Obsession.

What makes this program unique is that it is only accessible through Beachbody On Demand.  You can access a FREE 14 Day Trial Here. Also, she actually recorded each workout LIVE, so you get to see all the slip ups, jokes, mistakes, and so much more that Autumn and the cast do during a workout.

A Little Obsessed (Week 1) Review

The workouts and meal plans for A Little Obsessed are stand alone, but Autumn really designed this short program to get you prepared for 80 Day Obsession, which looks AMAZING!!

What is A Little Obsessed?

  • a online workout program
  • 5 brand new workouts
  • a simple to follow meal plan
  • a program to get you ready to do 80 Day Obsession

The workouts are a little less intense than what we expect to see in 80 Day Obsession and are only 30 minutes long.  (The 80 Day Obsession ones are 45-60 minutes long) The meal plan is straight forward and similar to the 21 Day Fix and others that use the portion control containers.

Both the meal plan and the workouts are all available through your Beachbody on Demand subscription.  You can access a FREE 14 Day Trial Here. (Link for US customers) (UK or Canada customers, see below)

A Little Obsessed Workouts – All 30 minutes

  • Day 1- Total Body Core: Designed to burn fat and build muscles from head to toe with a comprehensive workout that gives special attention to your core.
  • Day 2- Booty: You target your glutes and hamstrings in this lower body workout that was designed to help sculpt a stronger, firmer, booty.
  • Day 3- AAA: The Arms, Abs, and Ass workout uses eccentric training to help redefine your arms abs, and ass (excuse the language)
  • Day 4- Cardio Core: This intense interval session will force your core to work overtime as you incinerate fall all over.
  • Day 5- Legs: This workout has multiple rounds of lower body exercises that will strengthen and sculpt every muscle between your hips and feet.
  • Day 6 and 7- Rest: This is not officially a rest day, but I took them as rest and yoga days to just recover and relax before starting again on Monday.

Equipment and Calendar for A Little Obsessed

I took Day 6 as a rest day and Day 7 to do some light yoga to stretch out and relax before diving into the program again. For 80 Day Obsession, Day 6 is something called Cardio Flow which is similar to a PiYo workout where you move and stretch out.

A Little Obsessed
The modifier (purple pants) using a lighter resistance loop during one of the moves in 80 Day Obsession

Equipment Needed

  • A set of dumbbells (light, medium and heavy)
  • Strength Sliders
  • Resistance Loops
  • A Mat (Optional)
  • Foam Roller (Optional)

Is there a Modifier?

Yes, the same woman that does the modifications for 80 Day Obsession does the modifications for A Little Obsessed. She will use lighter weights or resistance, step instead of jump, and uses a chair for balance sometimes. Even with the modifications, you will still get an amazing workout in and feel it in your muscles the next day.

Can you download the workouts?

Yes, you can download the workouts with Beachbody on Demand. You can download up to 7 different workouts using the iOS and Android BOD app only.

Why Do A Little Obsessed?

I did A Little Obsessed to get prepared for 80 Day Obsession.  You use the same sliders and loops for A Little Obsessed that you will be using during 80 Day Obsession so this was a great opportunity to get used to them.  The resistance loops took a little time to get used to because if you don’t get the proper placement, or the right resistance for the move, they tend to ride up or curl on you.

So, during the Little Obsessed workouts, I was able to figure out proper placement and just how much resistance each band has so I am more familiar with them once I start 80 Day Obsession on January 15th.  Not to mention that they are great stand alone workouts and I was able to start carving out my abs and tone up my lower body.

A Little Obsessed Meal Plan

This meal plan follows a Timed-Nutrition Eating plan using the color-coded portion control containers that all of Autumn’s programs use.  By using timed nutrition you not only are choosing the best foods, but you are eating them at the right time to maximum results.

I love this plan because it gives you more energy from the macro-nutrients (carbs, protein and healthy fats) balance too.

What is the Workout Block?

What Autumn did with A Little Obsessed is she released what she calls the “Workout Block.” Basically what containers and supplements to eat before, during and right after working out. It’s basically a 4 hour window of time that will rotate around your day depending on when you plan on working out.  Now depending on what plan you follow, depends on what containers you during that block of time.

Personally, I workout at 6AM, so for my pre-workout meal I chose to do Option 1. At 5:20 I would get up and drink my Shakeology mixed with a banana.  I chose to do Shakeology before my workout because I know that it is easy to digest and will give me the energy I need for the workout.

Then at 5:45AM, I took my Energize and by 6AM I was ready to hit play for my workout.  For A Little Obsessed I chose not to drink my Recover, just because I like to save it for when I am really lifting weights (like we will be doing in 80 Day Obsession)

After getting my girls up at 7, I would have my after workout meal around 7:45 and be ready for the rest of my day.  Here is what my meal plan for the week looked like along with the containers and times that I chose to eat/drink them.

Over all with this program and way of eating, I lost 4 lbs in a week.  I cut my post-holiday sugar cravings off and was able to get back on track.

Never streamed your workouts before?

No worries! It’s actually simpler than you might think. You can stream from your laptop, an app, or even with a streaming device.  You can learn more about streaming and Beachbody on Demand here.

Getting Everything You Need for A Little Obsessed and 80 Day Obsession

Both programs use the same equipment and Beachbody on Demand (no DVD option). If you know you’re going to do 80 Day Obsession you’ll want one of these options:

If you DON’T have Beachbody on Demand Yet:

  • Shakeology + Beachbody On Demand + Equipment
  • Performance Supplements + Beachbody On Demand + Equipment
  • Shakeology + Performance Supplements + Beachbody on Demand + Equipment  (Chocolate Recover)
  • Shakeology + Performance Supplements + Beachbody on Demand + Equipment (Orange Recover)

Already have BOD?

  • Shakeology+ Equipment
  • Performance Supplements + Equipment (Chocolate Recover)
  • Shakeology + Performance Supplements + Equipment (Chocolate Recover)
  • Shakeology + Performance Supplements + Equipment (Orange Recover)

Have BOD but don’t want Shakeology or Supplements?– Check out this option

Just want to try the 5 workouts to see if you like them? Than free trail is for you!

Start your Beachbody On Demand 14 Day Trial 

After 14 Days, it will renew unless you cancel. It’s $39 per quarter (so about $10 a month) after your trial, and you can cancel at any time.  Your $39 gets you access to EVERY Beachbody workout, calendars, and meal plans!

Are you in the UK or Canada?

Get the free trial in the UK or Canada here.  Pricing may vary across countries.