Is Green Tea Bad for You? |

Is Green Tea Bad for You?

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether or not is green tea bad for you and are they any green tea side effects.

Green tea and green tea pills have received a lot of positive feedback but you really need to check if it’s something that suits everyone.

There’s actually a group of people that might not agree to green tea, green tea diet pills, and other tea recipes, and considering how popular green tea is, it’s important you know if you can safely consume green tea supplements on a regular basis.
There is a lot of health benefits of tea that include antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-carcinogenic properties.

What most people don’t know is that the reason this ingredient works so well is that it has direct effects on your immune system. This is where the problems could arise.

Why is Green Tea Bad For You

What green tea essentially does is that it behaves like a primer on to the immune system. Your immune system contains white blood cells which is further divided into 5 types of immune cells.

These cells play various roles in protecting your body against harm and are essential for the well being of a human body.

Green tea interferes with the proper functioning of these cells which in turn affects your immune system in more ways than you can imagine.

Again if you’ve been thinking about the question ‘ is green tea bad for you ’ then yes, if you’ve been consuming too much of it, it could result in autoimmune disease which is one of the worst things that could happen to your body.

This disorder means your body is more prone to infections, wounds will take longer to heal and in turn, this will take a toll on your health.
There is evidence that proves green tea could lead to anxiety attacks, panic attacks, palpitations and insomnia in some people.

Green tea could also result in fatigue, weight gain, and depression in some cases where a patient suffers from hypothyroid. There are a number of people who suffer from autoimmune conditions due to the consumption of green tea.

The truth be told, no one ingredient can work its magic on every single person.

Every individual is crafted differently and come with different genetics and the capability to digest a certain kind of food.

At the end, if you’re looking to know is green tea bad for you, then you need to ensure your body can handle it well.

If you find any symptoms that refer to the fact that this ingredient is making you weak or tired, you need to stop consuming it immediately.

After all, one man’s food could be another man’s poison and it’ not compulsory that green tea will work well for every person consuming it.

Conclusion of Is Green Tea Bad For You

If you’ve got a history of autoimmune disease then you should try and avoid having green tea since it could worsen the condition and cause negative benefits of green tea.

When it comes to consuming any product, even if its natural ingredient you need to check it well in order for you to keep your health safe.