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Green Tea Benefits

Many are the stories told about green tea benefits. Indeed green tea has proven to be an amazing performer; enough to impress any die-hard medical practitioners.

The best thing about green tea is that it can be used to treat a whole lot of problems and this is why it is so popular. Green tea is native to India and China.

These are among the first places to use the tea and it has been so for ages now. It has stood the test of time and you have the chance to use it as it is picking up speed all over the world including the US.

Uses and green tea benefits
It is called green tea because it is green in color. Green tea is a product of un-oxidized leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush. It is ranked among the least processed types of tea with white tea taking the crown.

The main benefits of green tea lies within the innumerable antioxidants that it contains as well as the beneficial polyphenols.

One of the uses of this tea is to assist indigestion. People who are having issues with their digestive system can always trust green tea to help reduce the effects of the problem.

You do not have to pay a fortune buying a host of medications to treat indigestion and other digestive tract problems. Green tea can help to solve the problem.

Initially, it was used to control bleeding and to heal wounds. It was also used to regulate body temperature while improving the state of the heart. This was in traditional Chinese and Indian practice of medicine. Recent studies, however, have gone ahead to prove that green tea has an effect in weight loss as well as treatment of type II diabetes.

Green tea has become very popular and even celebrities drink it to stay healthy and fit but is there any benefits of green tea.

Do you know green tea and normal tea comes from the same plant, but they are just processed in a different way?

The usual black tea is obtained by fermenting the leaves, and in this process, the tea leaves change its flavor and color, and the level of tannin and caffeine increases.

But green tea is obtained by slightly steaming or drying tea leaves, but no fermentation takes place. This is what makes green tea a better choice.

This tea offers more than one benefit and some popular benefits of green tea drinking have been discussed below.

 Benefits of Green Tea

  • Anti-Aging – Free radicals are created in our bodies and they can harm our system in various ways, and one of them is causing signs of aging. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that help neutralize the free radicals or oxidants present in the body. Matcha tea benefits even more. Thus drinking green tea on a regular basis can help delay the signs of aging.
    • Boosts Immunity – As per researches, people who drink green tea on a regular basis do not easily fall victim to viral and bacterial infections compared to those who do not drink green tea. This is because green tea boosts the immune system. It contains catechins that prevent viruses and bacteria from being attached to the cell walls to infect them. The antimicrobial property also keeps you protected from diarrhea, bad breath, tooth decay, flu, indigestion, cough, and cold, all of which, in some way, are caused due to fungal and microbial action.
  • Anti-Carcinogenic – Free radicals not only causes premature aging, but it can also lead to some types of cancers. Green tea is rich in catechins that help neutralize these free radicals, prevents the development of carcinogens like nitrosamines, and thus reduces the risk of cancer. Green tea, in fact, is now being clinically prescribed as a home remedy to help prevent cancer.
  • Anti-Diabetic – If you do not add sugar to your cup of green tea then it can help reduce your blood glucose levels. Moreover, the astringent and antioxidant properties of this tea help in the better functioning of the pancreas. If your pancreas functions in a better way, it results in more regulated and efficient secretion of insulin, and thus there is less absorbing of sugar. This kind of effective functioning can prevent the chances of diabetes.
  • Weight Loss – Green tea helps increase the rate of metabolism, and thus helps in the weight loss process. In fact, this tea has offered such great results that it has replaced many beverages in the western world where obesity is a big problem. Start drinking two to three cups of green tea every day and you will start noticing great positive results in a week or so.
  • Reduces Cholesterol – Many people have noticed a reduction in their cholesterol levels after having green tea, this perhaps is owing to its alkalinity. Jasmine green tea benefits have been proven to lower liver cholesterol.
  • Arterial and Cardiac Health – Green tea contains certain components that prevent the thickening of the blood, and thus reduces chances of Thrombosis, Arterial Sclerosis and also Cerebral and Cardiac Strokes.
  • Stimulating – One of the main reasons why people prefer drinking tea is because of its stimulating effect. This is because of the tannins and catechin’s presence in the tea leaves. Green tea, together with offering you various health benefits, also serves as a stimulant, keeping you fresh, alert, and energized.
  • Endurance and Stamina Booster – This quality can easily be proved. Right after a session of rigorous exercise, treat yourself with a cup of green tea, and you will be all set to do more sets in no time. Moreover, it also counters muscular pain that results due to overexertion of the muscles. In fact, in China and Japan green tea is the most popular beverage amongst practitioners of various sports including martial artists. Many believe Japanese green tea benefits are greater.
  • Oral Health – Along with the natural fluoride present in tea, catechins and polyphenols also help kill bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease, which can be the reason for tooth loss. As per researches, drinking one or more cups of green tea on a daily basis can help decrease the risk of tooth loss to a great extent. However, adding honey, sugar, or other sweeteners might negate these green tea benefits.
japanese green tea benefits

Most people take Japanese green tea for fun or just because other people take it

They do not know the benefits of taking this drink, this article highlights some of the Japanese green tea benefits.

Some of the benefits explained in this article are:

It improves one’s health
This is because it contains bio-active compounds that play a major role in improving one’s health. Also known as antioxidant tea. Powdered Japanese green tea is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E.

Some of these compounds are flavonoids, catechins, epigallocatechin, and many other useful minerals. flavonoids and catechins function as antioxidants and reduce or prevent the formation of free radicals and oxidation in the body.

The benefits of green tea are that it protects the body cells and other molecules from damage. Also, they prevent or reduce the rate at which one age as the presence of the radicals in the body accelerates aging. Epigallocatechin, on the other hand, has been found to treat various diseases.

It makes one smarter
Using this drink for a long time improves one’s functioning of the brain making him or her smarter.

It contains caffeine that acts as a stimulant. It is, however, important to note that the caffeine in this drink is not as much as that found in coffee.

The caffeine in this drink blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain which in turn improves other brain functions making the brain to be more alert and effective.
Green Tea Weight Loss
One of the benefits of green tea is the green tea weight loss factor. Many pills and green tea supplements are available on the market but how do these products act like a fat burner?

Added to your diet it aids in fat burning
This drink is used as an ingredient in many fat-burning substances. This is because it has a high metabolic rate that increases the fat burning process.

Also, this aids in workouts. That is, people who have a high metabolic rate are able to burn the foods they take to produce energy that they use in performing physical exercises that burns fats in the process.
Japanese Green Tea Benefits and Antioxidants
It contains antioxidants that lower one’s risk of suffering from any kind of cancer.

Cancer is a killer disease and it is caused by different causes. It is therefore important for one to be protective always or to avoid the various cancer causes. The antioxidants in this drink have been found to reduce any oxidative effect that may cause cancer or that may expose one’s body to this killer disease.

It lowers one’s risk of getting cardiovascular diseases
Cardiovascular diseases are common and are brought about by poor lifestyles. It, therefore, requires one to be always on the look-out on what he or she eats or drinks to avoid contracting these cardiovascular diseases. It has though been found that Japanese green tea lowers one’s risk of getting heart diseases. This is because it increases the antioxidant abilities of the blood which plays a major role in lowering the likelihood of one suffering from heart diseases.
Japanese Green Tea Benefits Diabetes
It lowers one’s risk of suffering from TYPE II diabetes
Type II diabetes is becoming a common disease in the present world today. It affects both children and adults. It is mostly brought about by poor eating styles and lifestyles. It is therefore important for one to be careful with what he or she eats for better results.

The health benefits of this drink have been found to lower one’s risk of contracting this disease. This is because of its weight loss capabilities and many other properties that come with it.

From preventing diabetes to reducing the risk of heart disease, the number of jasmine green tea benefits that are not only essential for the promotion of a healthy life but which have been quantified and justified by scientific research is surprisingly vast.

Found to play a role in the elimination of bacteria even while combating inflammation, jasmine green tea isn’t actually herbal tea, not in the strictest sense, seeing as it constitutes normal green tea that has been flavored with jasmine flowers.

The result is a scent and tastes unique to jasmine green tea, whose origins are often the subject of debate, ranging from stories of its role as a drink reserved for the royalty of the Chinese Song Dynasty to tales of its journey from Persia, through India, accompanying the exportation of Buddhism.

Jasmine green tea can be manufactured using a variety of methods, from the complex to the simplistic, all of which result in a substance widely known for the nutritional elements it utilizes in contending against the numerous ailments known to assail the body, typical jasmine green tea benefits including the following:

Aromatherapy– jasmine green tea, despite its form, doesn’t need to be consumed to manifest its benefits, with many a study testifying to the sedative effects emanating from simply inhaling the jasmine green tea scent; the result is a reduction in stress and the moderation of nerve activity, making jasmine green tea one of the more effective tools of aromatherapy.

Anti-oxidants– jasmine green tea has a high level of antioxidants, the most common of which are catechins, which will work to not only detect but combat free radicals and their attempts to weaken the immune system and bring about disease.

Cancer-the majority of green teas are home to polyphenols, which are an essential tool in the defense against free radicals and any other dangerous carcinogenic invaders, endowing them with the ability to reduce the body’s risk of attracting ailments like lung and breast cancer. Polyphenols like epigallocatechin gallate will also play a role in moderating the expression of enzymes that have been found in cancerous cells.

Diabetes– jasmine green tea has been known to play the role of regulator for diabetes patients, specifically with regards to processes like glucose metabolism whose malfunction is often blamed for the manifestation of diabetes; it is also consumed by individuals without diabetes, as a means of reducing the risk of contracting the ailment.

Intestinal complications– the consumption of jasmine green tea is one method of ensuring the health of your stomach, this not only referring to an improvement in the digestion of food but the prevention of those types of cancer known for manifesting in the gastrointestinal region. This results from the presence of antioxidants in jasmine tea and their ability to combat various diseases and cancers even while improving bowel movement.

-Jasmine green tea has been known to play an active role in the lowering of cholesterol, hence positively impacting blood pressure and reducing the risk of contracting heart diseases.

Weight loss– jasmine green tea is an effective addition to any diet designed to bring about weight loss because of its ability to increase the body’s metabolism, this making exercise so much more efficient. Admittedly jasmine green tea must be paired with other weight loss techniques to achieve positive results.

matcha tea benefits

There are numerous matcha tea benefits and many people from different parts of Asia and the west have embraced the drink.

Matcha green tea is largely popular in Japan and it forms a fundamental part of the tea ceremonies in the country.

Matcha is a type of high quality green tea that is covered before picking, the covering is done to accentuate the color before it is ground and shut into smaller tins.

The covering of the tealeaves before harvesting is important because it slows growth and produces a huge amount of amino acids, once the leaves have dried they are referred to as tencha, the tencha is then stone ground to make matcha also known as powdered japanese tea.

There are different grades of the tea, the high grades are intensely flavored and very sweet, this is mainly because of the high amino acid amounts, the less expensive grades have less intensive flavor and may be bitter, however this does not reduced the health benefits of the tea.

Although matcha tea still forms an integral part of the Japanese tea ceremonies, it is utilized in many other numerous ways.
Some of the matcha tea benefits include
Rich in Antioxidants

Organic matcha green tea contains high levels of antioxidants when compared to other types of teas, the antioxidant levels exceed those found in blueberries and spinach.

According to a study conducted by Tufts university the oxygen radical absorbance rate of the tea is 1300 units per gram, this is high when compared to other pomegranates which have 105 units per and blueberries with 91 units per gram.

Fights cancer 

Organic matcha tea is rich in catechin, which is the only type of disease-fighting antioxidant and flavonoids found in green tea.

There are many fruits that have antioxidants but are do not have the required amount of the catechin, catechin is widely known for its cancer-fighting properties and studies indicate that it is effective in combating ovarian and breast cancers.

A single gram of matcha tea contains 105 milligrams of catechin content, therefore making it an effective disease-fighting beverage.

The component EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate has been under numerous studies for its ability to fight tumors, neurodegenerative diseases, HIV, Alzheimer’s, dementia among others. Taking several cups of matcha green tea a day will fight the free radicals and other defective cells.
More Matcha Tea Benefits

Matcha tea is known for its effectiveness in cleaning the body and eradicating all the toxins that are harmful to normal cell functioning. Chlorophyll is a pigment that is responsible for the green coloring in plants, the pigment is also effective as a body cleanse and removal of heavy metals, chemicals and other harmful toxins in the body

Stress Reliever 

Organic matcha tea has a unique amino called L-theanine, which enables the mind to stay alert as well as improve cognitive abilities. Buddhist use matcha tea to extend their meditation periods, a couple of matcha tea a day will enhance your moods and improve your mental acuity.

The amino acid L-theanine produces a calming effect and is essential for people who experience stress with modern life. If you have enjoyed this matcha tea benefits article then view our other informative articles.

 The conclusion to the benefits of green tea

These are some benefits of green tea, but you need to remember that one cup a day will not be sufficient. You should ideally have at least three to five cups, though some say you can drink up to ten cups a day.

So, start drinking green tea right away, and open doors to a list of Health Benefits of Green Tea.

Are there are any cons?

With all these benefits mentioned above, you might be wondering is green tea bad for you in any way?

Well, everything on this planet has its limitations. Green tea is no exception to this rule of nature. It may have thousands of benefits but then there is that one stray demerit that does not allow everyone to use it.

For starters, if you are one of those people who are bound to suffer from increasing stomach acid, you should refrain from this tea.

This is not a problem of green tea only; all sorts of tea are bound to affect people with stomach acid issues. The acid level might increase dramatically if you consume too much of this tea. A cup of green tea daily might not have as pronounced an effect as three cups daily.

Green Tea benefits to losing weight

Green tea has it`s health benefits and has been shown to have an effect on weight loss and will introduce it into their diet. People who want to shed off the extra weight can trust green tea to help them do this.

Green tea weight loss can come in many forms of pills and extract. It has been stated that the benefits of taking green tea products can help boost metabolism and that green tea can be a fat burner.

It is not that the tea will drag the unwanted fat out of your body or anything of the sort but it is a great alternative to the likes of sodas and all.

Substitute one or two cups of this tea for your soda and you will be able to spare yourself some 50,000 calories in a year.

This allows you plenty of time to exercise and shed of what you already have instead of losing and gaining at the same time view our other articles on green tea benefits.