What do you need for 80 Day Obsession? Equipment List

Autumn Calabrese’s 80 Day Obsession promises flat abs and a round booty in just about 3 months.  I’ll outline what you will need to complete the 80 Day Obsession workouts and meal plans.

What do you need to do 80 Day Obsession?

The 80 Day Obsession meal plan uses portion control containers and supplements.  They’re included with any of the ordering options below.

The 80 Day Obsession Equipment List for workouts is a little more than you might be used if you’ve done any of the other Beachbody workouts.  You’ll need 3 sets of free weights (although I had to go out and get heavier weights as I got stronger), floor sliders, and resistance bands.

80 Day Obsession Equipment List

  • 3 Sets of weights, light, medium, and heavy (I started with 8s, 10s, and 15s)
  • Floor sliders
  • 3 Resistance Bands
  • Floor Mat (Optional)
  • Foam Roller (Optional) but I recommend getting one as you are going to be SORE

You’ll be using the dumbbells for almost every workout, and the resistance bands are critical for your Booty workouts.

You could find most of these materials on Amazon, and I defiantly did that before my Beachbody supplies came.  However, I will tell you from personal experience that the equipment that Beachbody makes is top of the line and I ripped and stretched out other loops that I ordered within a few days.

I’ll outline what is included in each challenge pack along with pricing.

If you choose the Mega Pack, You’ll have everything on the list minus the free weights.  That’s why it is my favorite option.

If you DON’T have Beachbody on Demand Yet:

Already have BOD?

Have BOD but don’t want Shakeology or Supplements?Accessory Bundle: Containers, Loops, and Sliders– $59.95

The BEST DEAL is the Mega Pack

Remember, you’ll need Beachbody On Demand with any of the choices.

This program includes 80 UNIQUE workouts so it wasn’t possible to put on DVDs at this time.  Beachbody On Demand is a streaming membership service which gives you access to over 700 different workouts and dozens of nutrition guides.

With Beachbody on Demand, you can stream unlimited workouts and even download workouts in case you can’t connect to WiFi.

Learn more about Beachbody On Demand

Want to get 25% off all your orders?

What does a Coach do?

You may just be interested in the discount, and the coaching thing kinda scares you (totally understandable).

A coach is someone that uses Beachbody products and can choose to share about them with others.  Some coaches choose not to share their experiences but they still get access to the exclusive group and events like this as well as 25% discounts on their orders.

The only fee to coach is $15.95 to mantain a website and online office (even if you aren’t actively coaching.) You CAN cancel your coaching membership at anytime for free.

My team also offers all kinds of fun events and training for our team of coaches as well if you’re looking for a part- or full-time income opportunity.

So as a coach, you decide what you want to do.  I can also help guide you every step of the way, and its free to cancel.

Sign up to be a Coach with the 80 Day Obsession Challenge Pack

After you sign up, you’ll receive an email from Beachbody with details on the group, and an email from me if you make sure that it has Mara Moreland (Coach ID 1095778) listed as your coach.

I got some amazing results from my first round of 80 Day Obsession

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