Ultimate Portion Fix 2019- Autumn Calabrese’s Container System Updated

Beachbody and Autumn Calabrese’s portion control containers have helped people lose weight, learn portion control, and stop counting calories! Now, the Ultimate Portion Fix is taking the meal plan to a whole new level!

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What Is The Ultimate Portion Fix?

The Ultimate Portion Fix is Autumn Calabrese’s brand new nutrition program to help you beat sugar addiction, maximize your workout results, and help your whole family get healthier.

It will also expand on the original portion fix that became so popular with 21 Day Fix years ago. Autumn will be sharing her best tips on portion control, counting your macros, and eliminating processed foods.

Unlike the past programs that were just printed booklets, the Ultimate Portion Fix will include 30 step-by-step videos, as well as printed materials, sample recipes, and more!

It is a standalone program on Beachbody On Demand under the nutrition tab. (If you purchased 2B Mindset, it will be the same set-up)

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Ultimate Portion Fix Explained in 60 Seconds

Who Will Love The Ultimate Portion Fix?

Anyone who:

  • loved the original but wants to up their results
  • needs step-by-step nutrition plan
  • wants to create healthier habits for their family
  • is interested in macros but sometimes feels intimidated
  • wants to kick their sugar addiction
  • needs a simple approach to eating clean

Shop All Of The Ultimate Portion Fix Options

The materials you get with The Ultimate Portion Fix

What Do I Get With The Ultimate Portion Fix?

Autumn Calabrese is sharing 30 new videos that go over all the principles of the plan and how she eats.

You’ll never have to guess about what to eat or when– she outlines it all.

The Ultimate Portion Fix Program Includes

  • Full set of color-coded containers
  • A Step-by-Step program guide
  • Portion Fix Tracking App for ISO users (Android users will have it in Beachbody On Demand’s app)
  • 102 new recipes in Fixate #2 Cookbooks
  • 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids
  • Access to more than 200 Fixate Cooking Videos
  • Beachbody Insulated Tote Bag

New 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme Workouts

Along with an updated meal plan, Autumn Calabrese is also updating the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts.

Starting in April, she’ll be shooting brand new workouts exclusive to Beachbody On Demand!

You can get first access to these by purchasing your Ultimte Portion Fix in March 2019.

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Each of the workouts will follow the original calendar and be 30 minutes long.

Will It Be on DVD?

Nope, they will be exclusive to Beachbody On Demand (BOD)

If you’ve not tried BOD yet, it’s really simsple and easy to use. Not only do you get access to 700+ workouts, but you’ll be able to download a few workouts and stream to your TV with the right device.

You can start a FREE trial now (just keep in mind The Ultimate Portion Fix will be an additional fee to your BOD membership)

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When Does The Ultimate Portion Fix Come Out?

It comes out March 18, 2019, and the workouts will start April 1st.

You’ll get access to the new 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts starting April 1st if you order The Ultimate Portion Fix in March.

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Important Dates For The Workouts & Meal Plan

  • 3/18/19– The Ultimate Portion Fix bundles are avalible!
  • 4/1/19- New 12 Day Fix workouts start (Early Access if you buy Ultimate Portion Fix) by 4/1)
  • 4/29/19- 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts start (Early Access if you buy Ultimate Portion Fix by 4/1)
  • 5/31/19– 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts will be avaliable to other BOD members

How Much Will It Cost?

Honestly, I don’t know yet. If it’s like the 2B Mindset it will be between $99-119

Can’t Decide If The Ultimate Portion Fix Is Right For You?

Check out these posts to decide:

What Should I Know About Beachbody On Demand?

You Get Access To All Of The Workouts Plus Their Meal Plans And Calendars With A Membership

2B Mindset and The Ultimate Portion Fix are the only add-on programs you have to pay extra for.

You Can Do A FREE 14 Day Trial Right Now!!

After the 14 day trial, it will renew unless you cancel. It’s $39 a quarter (about $10 a month) until you cancel.

Should You Be A Beachbody Coach?

I began coaching in 2016. Since then I have build my business while staying hone with my kids. I woke inbetween nap times, bedtimes, and most recently when they are at school.

I actually got to meet Autumn and workout with her at one of our quarterly events that Beachbody holds. It was so much fun to experience an 80 Day Obsession first hand.

Whether you’re thinking about coaching for the discount, trips, trainer meet and greets, or to earn an extra income– I’d love to talk to you about your goals!

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