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Interested to Join My Team as a Beachbody coach? Read all about my personal story and what coaching is all about.

A Beachbody coach is someone who loves helping people and has a passion for buissness and a healthy lifestyle.

When I started as a coach in 2016, I had no idea what I was doing.  I had been a teacher before having both of my kids and I loved helping out not only my students but their families as well.  When I had R. in 2013, I decided to become a Stay At Home Mama. I have loved every minute of it but there was always something missing. I missed helping others, and the finacial freedom I had before having kids.  The thought of  not having to worry about grocery shopping, or if I needed new furniture or clothes was a positive force.  My girls have never needed anything, but I always felt guilty purching anything for myself or my husband.

Thats when a friend of mine asked me if I had ever thought about coaching. I had never even known that was an option.  I had known about Beachbody before since I had completed TurboFire and P90X but I never had a coach or challenge group of my own.  However the thought really intrigued me.  Here was a way to solve most of my problems while still being able to stay home with my girls.  Finacial stability, helping others, and getting my own body back after having Q.

I’m not a Fitness Guru, but I’ve learned so much

While I’m not a personal trainer or bodybuilder, I thrived off helping others find REALISTIC options for their busy lives. Not many people want to go extreme- they just want to feel confident and have the energy to do things they love with family and friends. That was something I had been doing for years.  Plus, I loved being able to offer a custom program with flexiblity to someone that allows them to look and feel great.

Plus with Beachbody, every program includes state of the art workouts, and a killer nutrition plan I could never do on my own, so as a coach, I’m basically helping people find a reason to feel motivated, confident, and strong in all areas of their lives- starting with their health.

Being a Beachbody Coach I get to focus on making and building new friendships, encouraging others, and making sure I stick to my own health and fitness goals each day. I run monthly challenge groups to help myself and my challengers stay on track and accountable. I also offer trainings and support to help my coaches reach their own financial goals.

My Personal Benefits of becoming a Beachbody Coach

  • Accountablility to eat right
  • Accountability to work out every day
  • Not having to rely on my husband to all financial support
  • Wonderful support from my team through the hard times
  • Encouragement to keep going when times are tough

Apply to Become a Beachbody Coach Here

Why you should join my team

I work with my team, family at this point, to create a strong culture to help empower each other and hit our goals. It so much fun to get to work with like-minded people every single day.

If you decide to join my team, you’ll have me as your mentor.  Since I’m part of an amazing team, you are going to get the lastest and best training.

  • Basic Training Call- to get you started strong
  • 3 Week New Coach Internship with Daily Support & Q/A
  • Advanced Training Opportunities
  • Co-hosting Opportunities
  • Year- Round incentives & support
  • Full Training Website with Additional Resources
  • Access to a Daily and Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Team Calls with Guest Speakers + Recordings

My Personal coaches have achieved to much that they are in the Top 1% of the company and are an Elite Team. So you will be part of that team also!!

Apply to Become a Beachbody Coach Here

Beachbody Coaching Opportunity

You may be asking “Why become a Beachbody Coach?” which is totally normal. I know you are already busy, but maybe you are drawn to this opportunity like I was.

Below, I’ll outline the Beachbody coch opportunity and answer some of the top questions I get asked to help you see if it’s a good fit for you.  For a simple guideline though- I recommend having at least 1 hour a day to commit to coaching if you’d like it to be a significant income.  Just like any job or business- it will take work.  It’s not a get rich quick kind of thing. No secret sauce. If you’s like to learn more about the income side of coaching check out this post.

When I first started, I broke up that hour into 15 minute chunks, and the online training is also broken up into bite-size lessons so you can customize it to your schedule.

Beachbody Coach FAQ

  1. Does becoming a BeachBody Coach Cost Anything?

You can become a Beachbody Coach for free with a challenge pack.  The challenge packs include a workout of your choice, 30 days of Shakeology, and a 30-day club membership which inclused Beachbody on Demand- Beachbody’s streaming Service.

I would recommend signing up with the BOD All Access Pass- it’s on sale through August 2017 for $160 and will gain you access to every single workout program, plus any they release within a year of you signing up. Learn more about the BOD All Access Pass Here

If you decide to sign up without a Challenge Pack, it’s $39.95

Both sign-up options include access to an online office that I use daily with training and tracking system, 3 websites for people to order from you, and access to all of our personal trainings.

Is there any other Beachbody Coaching Fees? 

It’s $15.95 to maintain your Beachbody coach membership. and thats usually covered in one sale

Beachbody Coach Military Discount

You can sign up to coach for free if you or your spouce is either active or retired military.  You basically can coach purely for the discount without paying any sign-up or monthly fee.

2. Do I get free products or a discount?

YES! You get 25% off any of your personal orders.  If you already drink Shaleology every day, you will save approximately $30 every month on it just with your discount! That’s $360 a year or about $170 after the monthly coach fee.

3. Can I join just for the Beachbody coach Shakeology discount?

YES! If you are already drinking Shakeology every month, it makes complete sense to sign up for the discount.  The same goes if you are using the other supplements or ordering product frequently.

4. Is Beachbody Coaching worth it?

Everyone will have a different reason WHY they sign up.  For me, I signed up to help people and be able to help my family out financially again, while still having the ability to stay at home with my girls.

Beachbody was the perfect company for me because I loved the products. It also helps that Beachbody was a well known, reputable company.  Their workouts and supplements are always in demand, and people are always wanting to improve their health.

I also loved that Beachbody wasn’t focused on recruting a ton of people or high-pressure sales.  I really want to have coaches that are passionate and excited to help people versus thousands of people that just want to make a quick buck.

Another perk is that you don’t have to stock any product or host parties (unless you want to). I was able to grow my business completely online, and I can teach you how as well through the continual trainings.

5. How do I find my first clients?

I will help walk you through step-by-step how my team and I have grown our business. If you decide to join my team of coaches we provide you with a daily email lesson or a Coach Basic Bootcamp to help you get started. We can get on weekly calls where I can answer any questions you have and help you get started right. I provide examples, how-to videos, and everything you need to be successful.

6. What if I try it and don’t like it?

It’s super easy to cancel, and I’ll still be your coach for any health or fitness questions you have.  It’s also free to cancel.

7.You can also become a Team Bechbody Coach in Cananda now too!

How to Become a Beachbody Coach

Becoming a Beachbody Coach is easy. You don’t have to be at your goal weight yet, be a personal trainer, or anything like that.  The most successful coaches are just passionate about the products and helping people.

Apply to Join My Team as a Beachbody Coach Here

You can also be a Beachbody coach just for the discount! The sign-up process is the same- you’ll want to use the Coach Application here of sign up to be a Beachbody Coach here.

I’ll show you how to be a Beachbody Coach and whatt I do on a daily and monthly basis.

Do you have any questions on how to become a Beachbody Coach?

You can email me at or better yet – fill out the Beachbody Coaching Application here.  I’ll be able to answer any questions you have there too.

Is It Time for You to Become a Team Beachbody Coach?

Your next step is either to reach out to me personally using the Beachbody Coach Application form so we can chat about your questions and goals, or you can skip that step altogether and sign up now.

Sign Up as a Beachbody Coach Here

You’ll just want to make sure it says Mara Moreland is your coach. If it doesn’t, you can look me up by the coach ID 1095778

Are you ready in joining my amazing coaching family? Fill out this quick form and I’ll reach out to you to discuss further. If you are ready to become a coach right now, click then HERE

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