Tips and Tricks for Using Portion Control to Lose Weight

I have tried taking all “junk” food from my diet for a few weeks.  However, I love chocolate, wine, and pizza, so cutting them out completely was just NOT going to work for me.  I needed to learn how to portion control so that I could lose weight, get all the right micro and maco nuntrients my body needed, and still be able to enjoy my treats.

After a year and half and losing 70lbs, I have found the perfect 90/10 lifestyle that allows me to keep losing weight.  It utalizes portion control to help me monitor what and how much I eat so that I don’t have to be SUPER anxious about counting calories.

Portion control was found to be one of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off.  The reason is that as long as you are eating right portions, nothing is off limits.  I no longer have that I need to “diet” until I weight XXX. I can still enjoy what I eat just in the right portions.

How much is a Portion?

Did you know that portions in resturants are usually 2-4 times larger than the recommended serving amount?

A portion will vary among food groups.  For example, vegetables are measured in cups. So 1 cup of raw vegetables is a portion. A portion of fruit is about 1 cup as well, however when you get to dried fruit it is much less, since there is more sugar content in dried fruit.

When I first started learning about portions, I loved using my portion control containers because it’s all pre-measured, and I just fill and eat!

What is the difference between a serving and a portion?

A food lable will list how many servings are in a container and how big each serving is.  It varies from item to item so it’s important to check these lables when learning how to eat properly.

In contrast, a portion is how much you choose to eat of a food in one sitting.  Often times serving sizes and portion sizes will match.  However that is not always the case.  For example, 1 banana may look like 1 serving, but it’s actually 2 portions.

Tip and Tricks to Using Portion Control

  1. Don’t Skip Meals– Being hungry means that your willpower will likely go out the window.  Hunger makes it tempting to eat more or chose a less than healthy option.  I like to keep snacks handy for when that happens. Or if I’m in a rush I will make my Shakeology for a quick and easy meal.
  2. Plan Your Meals- The best way not to skip a meal is to plan out what you are going to eat ahead of time. That way there is to guessing if you ate, or what you are going to eat.
  3. Measure Your Food– Sometimes food comes in bags that may look like it is one serving, but it’s actually more.  Or, like the banana, it may look like one portion, but its actaully 2 servings.  You can check lables, weight your food, or measure it out in portion control containers.  I love the containers because they are super simple to use.  Just fill and eat.  For my clean eating 90/10 meal plan it lets you know how many portions you need per food group each day based on your weight and goals.
  4. Drink Water and Stay Away From Sugary Drinks– Water will help you stay full and fight cravings.  In between meal time, if you are hungry, drink a glass of water and see if that helps.  Sodas, juices, and even fancy waters like Gatoraid are packed with extra sugars and calories.  Nothing is off limits, so if you want it go for it, but just drink it in moderation.
  5. Know What You Are Going to Order BEFORE Going Out– When going out to eat, know that resturants typically serve you 2-4 servings per plate. Even if you are ordering a salad, ask for a To Go container right away and put at least 1/2 of it in there.
  6. Make Your Portions Work For You– I had to learn to love vegetable. I was never a huge fan of them growing up, but using a portion control diet I know know they can fill me up.  Also because they are low in calories and high in fiber the portion sizes are a LOT bigger.
  7. Make Small Changes First- Just because you are watching what you eat doesn’t mean that everything is off limits. You can still have chocolate, pizza, and wine but just don’t over indulge.  If you can’t cut back all at once, try for slightly healthier options, like veggies on your pizza instead of meat and extra cheese.
  8. Be Careful What You Bring into The House- When I first started my portion control diet I emptied my fridge and cabniets of all the junk food. I still don’t keep many things in the house because why have the temptation within hands reach.  If I want a treat, I know I will have to make a special trip to get it.
  9. Know The Portions For Each Food Group–  Since each food group has a different portion size it’s important to know what they are. Just because Coconut Oil  and avocadoes are healtheir options doesn’t mean you should eat a lot of them. Since they are higher in calorie and fat content your portion size will be smaller than say veggies or fruit.

What is Your Portion Sizes and How Many Portions Can You Eat Daily?

The number of portions you get to eat of each food group is going to depend on your specific weight and goals.  My favorite guide to portion control is the Portion Fix Eating Guide.  It’s clear and simple, it walks your through how to figure out what and how much of each food group you should be eating daily to help you reach your specific goals.

You will recieve portion control containers outlining:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Proteins
  • Carbs
  • Healthy Fats
  • Seeds and Dressings
  • Shaker Cup
  • Treats are included!

It includes hundreds of foods you can eat along with recipes. The recipes are great because you can make a meal that has multiple containers mixed together.  Like a piece of pizza is a vegetable and a carb.

One of my favorite ways to find recipes is with the Fixate Cookbook.  It has tons of recipes that are all portion control color coded.  So there is no guessing as to what containers I am eating when making a certain recipe.

For my daily intake, the lowest bracket in calorie range based on my weight and goals.  I get 3 Vegetables, 2 Fruits, 4 Proteins, 2 Carbs, 1 Healthy Fats, and 1 Seeds and Dressings.  It actually ends up being A LOT of food.  to eat every day.

There are also Vegan and Vegetarian options on the Portion Fix. 

Get A Workout with it

For just a little more you can get a workout program with your Portion Fix.  You could choose 21 Day Fix, Cize, Country Heat, or Shift Shop. Or you could get all of them with the All Access Pass.

My personal favorite to start with is the 21 Day fix.  Autumn Calabrese walks you through simple but effective cardio and weight lifting workouts to help you really see results in just 21 days.

The Knock Off Containers

I’ve seen other color coded containers out there but I can’t guarntee anything about them. I love that these Portion Control Contaiers are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and comes with the lists of foods that are good for each one.

Get Your Portion Control Containers Here

Do you think following a portion control type lifestyle can help you lose weight? 

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