Stream Your Workouts– Challenging Workouts and Simple Meal Plans

The ability to stream your workouts just keeps getting easier and cheaper.  Since becoming a mom I have loved the convenience of working out at home, and the quality of workouts, the trainers’ ability to instruct on proper form, and the ease of starting a program just keeps getting better.

Would You Ever Stream Your Workouts?

I honestly hesitated.  I had been going to the gym for such a long time and the few workouts that I could find on YouTube were of poor quality and the support of a “community” was lacking.  Plus, I loved the ability to switch up my exercise schedule… so why would I switch?!?

Then, I tried a newer streaming service and my mind was totally changed.  I loved the convenience of not having to pack up my girls and drop them off at the day care, and the variety of the workouts offered.  Plus, this streaming service also included specific meal plans for each program and an amazing online support system.  Something my gym or other videos didn’t offer.

9 Reasons to Stream Your Workouts

  • Convenience– No crowds or drive time
  • Workout Anywhere (hotels, the beach, your living room)
  • Awesome Variety of Workouts
  • A Fraction of a Gym Membership (View Pricing)
  • Nutritional Guides Tailored to Each Program
  • Workout Schedules and Calendars
  • Fitness Guides with More Tips
  • Additional Nutritional tools
  • Never Lose a Place in Class or Misplace a DVD

My Favorite Way to Stream Workouts?!?

Beachbody On Demand

I’ve been a big fan of Beachbody workouts for almost 10 years.  I fell in love with T25 and TurboFire, and then just kept finding new programs that I loved doing.  The trainers are top notch, the quality of the video and sound is awesome, and the meal guides have been a HUGE help.

I’m actually a Beachbody Coach as well  and have been for almost 3 years.  So it’s my JOB to make sure I help you identify a health goal, choose a workout and meal plan that works for YOUR life, and get you to your goals.

Why Beachbody On Demand to Stream Your Workouts?

Variety of Workouts

With BOD, you can stream over 700 workouts! Whether you’re a man, woman, beginner, expert, have 60 minutes, or only 25– there is a workout for you.


Beachbody recently introduced the 3 Week Yoga Retreat for beginners and more advanced Yoga Studio.

The 3 Week Yoga Retreat teaches you the basics of yoga poses, how to flow properly and the different aspects of your practice.  Then, the same instructors are also included in the Yoga Studio.

With the Yoga Studio, the workouts range from 10-60 minutes and vary in intensity.  There are also different types of yoga, like Yin Yoga, Flow, Sculpt, Balance, and more.


Beachbody is famous for their cardio heavy workouts including Insanity and Core de Force.  You’ll get access to all of them plus any additional workouts added in and their meal plans.


If you’re like me, sometimes I just need to dance my stress away.  Some of the programs on BOD include TurboFire, Cize, Country Heat, and YouV2

You also get access to all of Shaun T’s old dance workouts!

I love the variety here as well. Country Heat and YouV2 are great for beginners, and as you get stronger you can move up to Cize and eventually TurboFire.

Strength Training

I love being able to strength train at home. I was always intimidated to use the weights in the gym and felt like I was being judged by everyone else there.

You’ll have access to classics like P90X and ChaLEAN Extreme, as well as, newer programs like 80 Day Obsession, LIIFT4, and BodyBeast.

Popular Workouts

You’re not limited to old programs when you stream your workouts either! You’ll have access to the most popular workouts like 21 Day Fix, 22 Minute Hard Corps, and Shift Shop (including the new Proving Grounds workouts)

You Get Exclusive Extras

Along with all of the workouts mentioned above, your Beachbody On Demand membership allows you access to BONUS workouts also!

You’ll be able to see sneak peeks of new workouts, that are coming out soon like Shaun T’s new Transform:20 when it becomes available.

You will also be able to stream workouts that aren’t even available on DVD like Clean Week and Shaun T Week, and Body Beast’s Hard Labor are all exclusive to Beachbody On Demand– and you’ll get them all included for FREE!!

Daily Workout Challenge

The Daily Workout Challenge Dujor pulls a specific workout per day to get you max results.  It’s great if you love the variety and have about an hour to commit a day.

Meal Planner Included

You not only get access to over 700 different workouts, but you also get each program’s specific meal plan and calendar.  You can download and print all of the meal plans which also include recipes

Cooking Show With Autumn Calabrese

Autumn, from 21 Day Fix, also hosts her own cooking show with a 21 Day Fix Approved (and sometimes 80 Day Obsession Approved) recipe each week.  I love her cookbook Fixate, but the show is a lot of fun to watch.  I also love having new recipes to try each week.

What About Accountability?!?

You don’t have to give up the community of a gym if you decide to start streaming your workouts from home.  I host a private support group where 1000’s of people have hit their goal weight, gained strength and built leaner, toned bodies!

The coolest part?!?

We all really relate to one another’s ups and downs.  You don’t have to be intimidated to share when you struggle, and you can also help inspire others when you are doing great.

We also do a monthly theme to help you grow in your health and fitness habits.  It’s always fun, and we give away prizes too!!

Fill out my Challenge Group Application to kick start your results!! (Included with Beachbody On Demand)

Is the Accountability Included If I Stream My Workouts?

Totally!! If you decide streaming your workouts is the right fit for you, you just need to make sure that I’m your Beachbody Coach.  You should see Mara Moreland (coach ID 1095778) pop up when you sign into order or stream your workouts.  If not, just email, and I’ll get you set up.

Start Streaming Your Workouts Here

How Much is it to Stream Your Workouts?

I highly suggest the $99 option to get full access to every Beachbody workout (plus all of the meal plans and new programs) This gives you unlimited access for a FULL YEAR!

If you’re interested in Shakeology, the challenge pack listed here is also a great deal and includes streaming for a year.

Do You Still Have Questions?

Shoot me a message at or check out the Beachbody On Demand page for more tips!

Have You Ever Thought About Beachbody Coaching?

As a coach, I get 25% off streaming my workout! You can check out my full guide and Q&A  about coaching here.

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