LIIFT4- The Nutrition Plan

There is not much we know about LIIFT4’s nutrition plan right now, but what we do know is that it follows the No-Nonsense style that this program promises to be.

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What is the LIIFT4 meal plan?

There hasn’t been a lot revealed about this nutrition plan yet, but here’s what we know we can expect:

  • Uses Portion Fix Containers (from 21 Day Fix)
  • Allows “Cheat Days”
  • Uses Beachbody Performance Line
  • Shakeology is written into the program

Is alcohol allowed on the nutrition plan?

The answer is YES! Unlike 80 Day Obsession, you’re allowed alcohol during your cheat day on the LIIFT4 plan (in moderation, of course).

Do I have to follow LIIFT4’s Meal Plan?

In short, no, but if you want results like the Coaches Test Group, then I would recommend following the meal plan that is laid out.  If you want to still follow a meal plan, but you think that this one might be too restrictive, you can always try the 2B Mindset.

What About The Performance Line

Because you will be doing intense weight and cardio training, the Performance Line is recommended for LIIFT4.  In fact, Joel and the team even built it into the nutrition program to help you push harder and recover faster so that you can build lean muscle and shred faster.

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