A Little More Obsessed– 6 Follow Up Workouts to 80 Day Obsession

Have you heard the NEWS?!? Autumn Calabrese and her cast are BACK and ready to be A Little More Obsessed!! I just loved 80 Day Obsession (did the whole program twice so far) and saw some amazing results.

Apparently so have so many other people that Autumn and Beachbody decided that they would come out with 6 ALL NEW WORKOUTS called A Little More Obsessed and I couldn’t be more excited.

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What is A Little More Obsessed?

A collection of 6 new “exclusive content” workouts from Autumn that are an extension of the 80 Day Obsession program. These workouts will be shorter, yet MORE intense than 80 Day Obsession. They can be done as a graduation from the original program, or integrated into 80 Day Obsession, to create additional variety.

How Long Are the Workouts?

From what I hear so far, they are only about 45 minutes.

What Program Materials are available?

The following digital materials will be available on BOD under the program materials tab:

  • Tracker Sheets
  • Workout calendar

What About Nutrition?

For A Little More Obsessed nutrition, follow the original Eating Plan and Food Lists from 80 Day Obsession.  They are based on timed-nutrition and use the Phase 1 calculations to figure out your eating bracket.

Learn More About Timed Nutrition

Is there Still a Modifier?

Yes, it looks like the whole cast is back so Carrie will probably be modifying for us again.

What Equipment is Needed for A Little More Obsessed?

Just like in 80 Day Obsession you will need…

The sliders and loops come included when you purchase an 80 Day Obsession Challenge Pack

Ok, I’m Ready to Be A Little More Obsessed.. How do I get started?!?

When Will A Little More Obsessed be Released?

There will be a variety of release based on what you qualify for.

Not on a monthly subscription?!? Don’t worry just purchase any HD subscription between Oct. 1st and Nov 30th to unlock your access.

Need help deciding which options are best for you?

That’s where a coach like myself can help.  Drop me an email at MaraGold3@gmail.com and I can help you decide what option will work best for you and your goals.  You will also qualify for access to my exclusive support and accountability groups when you make any purchase.

Here are my amazing result from just one round of 80 Day Obsession

You can check out more amazing results from 80 Day Obsession Here

Are you going to get A Little More Obsessed?!?

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