80 Day Obsession Meal Plan- Timed Nutrition Planned Out

80 Day Obsession is Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese’s brand new workout program designed to give you flat abs, sculpted arms, and a round booty.  To get these amazing results you need to workout 6 days a week and follow the 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan 100% of the time.   In this post, I’ll provide everything you need to loose weight and see results on this new program.

Haven’t heard of 80 Day Obsession? Check out the details HERE

This isn’t a quick-fix plan. After all, you’re not just trying to lose weight — you’re striving for your best body, and that requires serious commitment.

“There are no cheat days. There’s not a lot of wiggle room. It combines a strict nutrition program and intense workouts to get maximum results,” she explains.

But if you’re ready to get a little bit obsessed with your fitness and nutrition strategy, you’ll see the kind of jaw-dropping results that always seemed just out of reach.

Here’s what you need to know about the 80 Day Obsession nutrition plan before you get started:

How does Timed-Nutrition work?

Autumn talks about it in greater detail below, but basically- timed nutrition helps you get in the right macros through out the day.  It’s easy to follow because she is basically telling you what to eat and when to eat it.

You’ll follow a strict meal schedule and use the  Portion Fix containers to create meals that deliver the nutrients your body needs, exactly when it needs them.

The plan is structured so your pre-workout meal gives you the fuel to power through an intense workout, while your post-workout meal helps your body restore and rebuild muscle during the optimal window for muscle building.

Here is Autumn talking about it in her own words:

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 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan Workout Block

Once you order 80 Day Obsession, you’ll see printable materials on Beachbody on Demand for Plans A-F.  These are VERY helpful and allow you to customize your plan. Below are sample meal plans for the workout block (the 4-5 hour window of time before and after you workout with 80 Day Obsession)

When Is the Best Time to Work Out?

That depends on what works best for your schedule — morning, midday, or evening. The most important thing is that you plan ahead.

Because your timed nutrition plan is built around your workout, you can’t just squeeze in a workout whenever — you need to choose your workout time first so you can build your meal schedule for the day around it.

It’s critical that you’re able to build that block around your workout, so if you normally roll out of bed and run five miles before you’ve eaten breakfast, you’re going to need to rethink your approach while you’re following 80 Day Obsession.

The one exception: If you really can’t stomach the idea of eating a full meal within 90 minutes of working out, you can swap your Meal Option 1, for the Pre-Workout Meal.

Autumn shares more about the pre-workout meal below:

 Nutrition Tips and Tricks to Keep You on Track

80 Day Obsession is intense, so if you want to crush it, you’ll need razor-sharp focus and serious motivation — along with a few helpful strategies to set yourself up for success:

1. Prep your meals in advance

Meal prep can help you stick to your healthy-eating goals, and it’s even more crucial when you’re trying to navigate the super-strict schedule for 80 Day Obsession.

Fill your color-coded containers at the beginning of the week so you can focus on following your schedule without worrying about what you’ll eat at each meal.

2. Set meal reminders

You know when you get caught up in your work, forget to eat lunch, and suddenly it’s 3 p.m. and you’re starving? That’s not going to fly with a timed nutrition plan. My suggestion and what I plan on doing is to write out your workout block, write out the times for the rest of your meals, and put timers in your phone. that way you have a constant reminder not only of when to eat but what you are eating.

Here is what my timers look like on my phone.  Notice I added what containers I’m supposed to eat because for me that is one way I know I will make sure I get all the right containers at the right time.

3. Make Shakeology part of the plan

Not in the mood to roast a chicken or wait for tempeh to bake? Whenever you see a red (protein) container on your meal plan, you can have Shakeology instead.

 Making the 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan work for you

The workout block kind of scared me when I first saw it.  I think I had to read it 3-4 times to really wrap my brain around the whole Timed-Nutrition thing and just how I would be able to fit it into my crazy schedule with kids.

The good thing is – your pre- and post- workout meals can also serve as your normal breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending on when you decide to workout. So if your like me my post-workout meal is also my breakfast with the girls.  Working out at night? Your post-workout meal is dinner.

Here are a few tips to making it work for you:

  • Meal Prep 1 time a week
  • Choose similar meals to save on meal prep
  • Eat every 2-3 hours (this is how the program is set up)
  • Your RED containers are spaced throughout the day (that way you aren’t starving)
  • Keep the containers in each meal together. (This is how Autumn wrote the program and can guarantee the results seen by the test group)
  • The Supplements can help with muscle soreness and energy
  • Drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  Water will help flush your system of toxins released by your muscles.

Recommended Supplements

You may have noticed in the workout block sample I posted above that the supplements are built right into the meal plan.  These supplements aren’t required, in fact there is a page in the meal plans that gives you the workout block without the supplements, but they are what was used to give the MAX results during workouts.  If you want to feel your best and also get results like the test group, you’re going to want to use Energize and Recover.

The best part? They include a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!

Get MAX 80 Day Obsession Results

The coaches with these amazing results were in a group with Autumn Calabrese (creator and trainer of this program).  She is going an EXCLUSIVE group for Beachbody coaches that purchase the program by January 14th. This is open to NEW and existing coaches.

In the group she will be:

  • giving exclusive tips
  • providing advice on how to get these results
  • offering motivation

To join Autumn Exclusive group:

You’ll just need to sign up to be a coach and have what you need for the workouts by January 14th.  The group is already OPEN NOW!!

What do you need to do? 

If you’re not a coach yet, you’ll need to sign up at a coach with the 80 Day Obsession Challenge Pack by January 14th.

What does a Coach do?

You may just be interested in the group, and the coaching thing kinda scares you (totally understandable).

A coach is someone that uses Beachbody products and can choose to share about them with others.  Some coaches choose not to share their experiences but they still get access to the exclusive group and events like this as well as 25% discounts on their orders.

The only fee to coach is $15.95 to mantain a website and online office (even if you aren’t actively coaching.) You CAN cancel your coaching membership at anytime for free.

My team also offers all kinds of fun events and training for our team of coaches as well if you’re looking for a part- or full-time income opportunity.

So as a coach, you decide what you want to do.  I can also help guide you every step of the way, and its free to cancel.

Sign up to be a Coach with the 80 Day Obsession Challenge Pack

After you sign up, you’ll receive an email from Beachbody with details on the group, and an email from me if you make sure that it has Mara Moreland (Coach ID 1095778) listed as your coach.

Remember this is only available until January 14, 2018

Along with Autumn’s group you’ll also get access to me as your coach for questions, tips, and motivation.

Not Ready to Coach? Getting Everything You Need for  80 Day Obsession

I totally understand if you’re hesitant to coach.  I can help with questions if you’re on the fence, or you’re welcome to join my 365 Premium Group where we will be testing out 80 Day Obsession until March 2018.

In this group my partner, Hannah, and I will be sharing tips, recipes, ideas, and motivation daily.  I’d love to have you join us and our team of amazing clients.

If you’d like to access or have questions, please email me at Maragold3@gmail.com or use the form below.

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