When I first started trying to eat healthy and lose weight, I was totally overwhelmed.  There are so many diets, from paleo, keto, low carb, clean eating, juice clenses.  I had no idea where to start.

That’s why I’m so excited about the Beachbody’s newest program Clean Week!

It’s a 7 Day program to help get you started right with meal plans, workouts, and super foods!

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What’s really nice is that once you get the hang of healthy eating during Clean Week, you can either stick with this style of eating or you can choose to follow one of the other many nutrition guides with the All Access Pass.  Either way you can continue to learn and we’ve got you covered!

What You Can Expect From Clean Week

  • Four 30 minute workouts on Body On Demand
  • Meal Plans
  • 7 Meals of a Super Food shake with Probiotics
  • Feel Better
  • Have More Energy
  • Get Into Shape

Check out this quick video that explains it all

Who is Clean Week For?

  • Men and Women (there is no girly music or cheesy tunes)
  • Anyone Just Starting their Fitness Journey
  • If You are Starting Over
  • Anyone Looking to Mix Up Their Routine
  • If You’ve Ever Thought About Trying Our Superfood Shake

What About the Workouts

There are 4 different workouts that you rotate through during the 7 days.  They are a mix of cardio, strength, core work, and flexibility.  Each workout is only 30 minutes.  I mean who doesn’t have time for that? It’s a wonderful way to learn what types of exercises you like.

What I love about the workouts is that Meghan tells you what other program the moves comes from, so you know that if you like that particular move, you will probably like the program it comes from. It’s a great way to learn about each of the programs so you have an idea what to do after the week is over.

The Meal Plan During Clean Week

You will be given a meal plan and recipes to help guide you through  the week.  The Clean Week literally guides you through how to plan and prep for the week so that there is no guessing on your part.

You don’t have to count calories or buy strange foods.

The other great thing is that you will be adding Shakeology as one of your meals.  I started using Shakeology when I was pregnant with Q. and saw some major changes in how I felt and how I looked at food.  You can read my Shakeolgoy Review here.

I love that it is fast and easy to take on the go.  I just blend, pour in my cup and off I go to run my errands, clean, or pick up the girls.

Shakeology is the KEY to getting you the Best results this week

Shakeology provides the “missing link” to healthy nutrition that most people are missing in their daily diets.  It’s super convenients and has helped me and my clients:

  • Lose Weight
  • Cut Cravings
  • Boost Energy Levels

It contains protein, fiber, antioxidents, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, and daily superfoods your body needs. When your body has all these things it can help cut cravings, reduce muscle soreness, raise energy levels, and even help with your digestion.

There are two options with the 7 Day Samplers.  There is the Regular Sampler or the Vegan Sampler option.  Either way you are getting to try each of the flavors offered for a full week.

You can order from any of the links above.  It should show Mara Moreland as your coach  (or use Coach Lookup ID 1095778)

Who is Megan Davies?

Megan Davies is Beachbody’s newest celebrity trainer.  She earned that title by competing on the TV show “The 20s” where she had to prove herself not only to Beachbody Corporate, but the coaches like myself who got to vote on who we likes.

Before appearing on The 20s, she owned and ran her own gym and competed in bikini competitions.  I love how she is motivational and fun but will still work you hard.

Can I Really Change in Just 1 Week?

Absolutely! In just 7 days you can get the hang of simple meal prep and learn how to stream your workouts.  You can also learn what types of exercises you like and ones you don’t.

That and a 1-2 pound weight loss is a healthy way to lose weight.  More importantly though you will feel the difference of what clean, healthy eating will do for your body.  Add in the superfoods you get from Shakeology and you will feel unstopable.

How Do You Get Started?

Just order your Clean Week sampler pack to get started.  You can choose from the Regular Sampler or the Vegan Sampler. 

You will then get:

  • 4 streamable workouts through Body On Demand
  •  Meal Plan with recipes
  • 7 Shakeology Servings
  • Access to my next Clean Week Challenge Group

The program is $29.95 which is like getting the workouts for free and a meal everyday for only $5, SCORE!!

You can order from any of the links above.  It should show Mara Moreland as your coach  (or use Coach Lookup ID 1095778)

What is a Challenge Group?

Challenge groups are what have helped me lose over 70lbs in a little over a year.  It’s a way to have a virtual accountability buddy (me).  I will help keep you on track and reminding you of your goals so that you reach them.  You can check out my full blog post about Challenge Groups here.

Ready to Get Started Feeling Better and Losing Weight?

Order Your Clean Week Superfoods Sampler Here

Order Your Clean Week Superfoods Vegan Sampler Here

You can order from any of the links above.  It should show Mara Moreland as your coach  (or use Coach Lookup ID 1095778)