5 Tips to Stop Late Night Snacking

We have a ritual at my house that after the kids go to bed, the hubby and I sit down to watch a movie or TV show together.  It’s our way of spending a little quality time together and just enjoying each other’s company.

Many times, I have found that as we are watching something we grab a little snack or treat to share.  However, lately we have both been trying to cut this habit out since we are both trying to lose a little weight and be healthier.

Ask Yourself One Simple Question

Are you really hungry? Most of the time you really aren’t hungry.  We all tend to get into routines that quickly become habits for us.  I know that for the hubby and I it was a habit we fell into.  Or we were bored and needed something to do with our hands while we watched.  Although, I can think of better things to be doing with our hands that eating.

Brush Your Teeth

If you can’t figure out if you are really hungry or bored, try brushing your teeth right after dinner.  I know for me personally, once I brush my teeth I don’t want to have to rebrush them, so I tend to stay away from food.

Don’t Keep the Junk Food in the House

This one is simple, if it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it. I know that if I am craving something sweet I would have to go out and get it.  Usually by the time the girls are in bed, I’m already in my pjs, so the chances of me changing back into real cloths and putting on a bra again just to get some sweets are slim to none.

Go to Bed Early

This one has double the benefits.  Not only do you not eat those extra calories, but you get more sleep.  And what mama doesn’t need more sleep?

Eat Balanced Meals During the Day

When you are eating balanced and well portioned meals during the day you are less likely to binge at night.  This is part of the reason why I love my Portion Control lifestyle. My body is given all of the protein and nutrients that it needs to funcition through out the day.

One reason for late night snacking is that you might have restricted your calorie intake so much during the day that you body is telling you that it’s starving and needs more.

None of these working?

If none of the above seem to work for you. Try eating some protein, you may actually be hungry.  When that happens to me I love Greek yogurt with just a little honey, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, or Recharge from the Beachbody Performace line.  It’s a great source of protein which can help with muscle recovery, and keeps me full till the next morning.

How do you avoid late night snacking?

I love having a meal plan and accountability really helps keep me in check.  I offer a year round accountability group which you can apply for here.

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