2B Mindset VS Portion Control Containers: Which Should You Use?

Both the 2B Mindset and the portion control containers can help with weight loss, but which is right for you? If you’re doing 21 Day Fix, LIIFT4, or another Beachbody program, you might be a little confused on which meal plan is best.  So I’ll outline which one to choose in my 2B Mindset vs Portion Control Containers Review.

2B Mindset vs. Portion Control Containers

Let’s dig into both nutrition options, and then I’ll show you how they vary.  I’m going to consider both nutrition options equally whether you’re working out or not.

2B Mindset

I was so excited to learn about the 2B Mindset and how you didn’t have to measure your food.  I had been using the portion control containers for 2 years and was getting a little frustrated with having to always measure out all my meals.

2B Mindset also promised to help with emotional eating and even eating out at restaurants and parties, I mean HELLO, if that’s not real life I don’t know what is.  It promises to create better habits that still allow you live your life AND it allows for TREATS!!

The BEST Part?!?

People lost weight with 2B Mindset without even working out!!

The 2B Mindset Set Up

Unlike the containers, 2B Mindset is more free.  You’ll learn how to fuel your body from a top UCLA Registered Dietitian, Illana.

The program includes 26 videos on healthy eating including:

  • how to grocery shop
  • conquering your mindset and emotional eating
  • how to eat when traveling
  • best practices to eating at restaurants

Plus there are are 5 videos on overcoming challenges we face with losing weight and MANY recipe videos too.

There aren’t set portions in this program, but there are 4 basic principals to follow.  Along with the principles, there is a food list which is super helpful.  Illana breaks it down into Veggies, Proteins, Carbs (called FFCs) and accessories (fats, condiments, sweeteners, etc).

So you have a great list of foods to eat all day.  She also outlines how much to eat of each at each meal.  For example, breakfast is 50% protein and 50% carbs.  You never have to measure, count or weigh your food on the plan! You just stick to the food list and eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 1 snack.

2B Mindset Principles

  • Drink your water
  • Eat LOTS of veggies
  • Track your food at each meal
  • Have dinner & be done eating for the rest of the night
  • Allow yourself to enjoy your favorite foods– just track it.
  • Weigh daily to track changes and progress
  • Still Hungry? She allows you to eat more using the #1-4 More tool below

Read more on the 2B Mindset or see the Before & After Photos here

Portion Control Containers

The portion control containers became popular with 21 Day Fix, but they are also used in workouts like 80 Day Obsession, Insanity, & LIIFT4

The containers are designed as a way to easily track your macros.  They offer freedom in the sense that you aren’t having to count calories or track percentages of macros.

I love the containers because once you calculate how many of each food group you get, you’re set and know what to eat each day.  Unlike, 2B Mindset, you can eat as often as you want as long at it fits into the containers.

For example, you may get 3 greens, 2 purples, 4 reds, 2 yellows, 1 blue, 1 orange, and 2 tsps to eat throughout the day.  From there you can use the Approved Food List to fill each container however you like.

They also came out with Fixate to help people with simple, yummy recipes broken down by container amounts.

How treats factor into portion control containers

When 21 Day Fix came out, the rule for a treat was to save 2 yellow containers up to 3x a week for a treat.  Your treat could be a glass of wine, small piece of cake, or anything you really wanted for about 200 calories or less.

Since then, the more extreme programs like 21 Day Fix Extreme and Insanity Max 30 have not allowed for a treat at all.  The LIIFT4 program that uses the containers allows for 1 treat a day per week.

2B Mindset vs. Portion Control Containers

Here’s a quick way to compare the two nutrition programs.


Portion Control Containers 2B Mindset
Flexibility Not Flexible Most Flexible
Tracking Containers Food Journal
Weigh Daily No Yes
Strict Set of Rules Yes No
Results Yes Yes


How to Decide Between 2B Mindset and Portion Control Containers

Now you know both plans work and how they are set up.  Which plan sounds right for you?

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • Will you be consistent about tracking everything you eat if it gives you flexibility in your diet? (Yes= 2B Mindset, No= Containers)
  • Are you comfortable eyeballing your portions?(Yes= 2B Mindset, No= Containers)
  • Do you thrive on flexibility in your diet or structure? (Flexibility= 2B Mindset, Structure= Containers)
  • Do you use a lot of recipes? (Easier on 2B Mindset)
  • Are you ready for change or bored with the containers?

2B Mindset vs. Portion Control Containers: Which one works best?

Honestly, I believe that both work really well.  It really comes down to what plan works best for you and your lifestyle.

Both 2B Mindset and Portion Control Containers have you being mindful of  your nutrition– and that’s what helps with weight loss.

I know the 2B Mindset was advertised as a “lose weight without working out” program but its still a great way to eat when you’re working out as well.



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